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Valio Eila Nutri F+ 20 kg

Valio Eila™ NUTRI F+ powder is specifically designed for the nutritional needs of the seniors and older adults. The powder has a high milk protein concentration and contains vitamins, minerals and phospholipids that help to support healthy ageing by maintaining the normal muscle and cognitive functions. Valio Eila™ NUTRI F+ powder is a lactose free, nutritionally tailored milk powder made from fresh Finnish milk to guarantee the best nutritional qualities.

Valio Eila® NUTRI F+ lactose free formulated milk powder 20 kg

Nutritional content

Nutrition (per 100 g)

Energy kJ
1490 kJ
Energy kcal
356 kcal
3 g
30 g
50 g
0.06 g

Ingredients causing allergies and intolerances

Milk and products thereof

Product information


Milk protein, butter milk, vitamins, minerals, rapeseed lecithin, rapeseed oil, lactase.

Country of origin
Country of production
Valio Ltd

Product usage

Valio Eila™ NUTRI F+ powder has excellent organoleptic properties and beneficial texture effects provide potential in several applications such as drink powders, special nutrition drinks, dairy, nutritious food and dietary products. The powder is specially tailored to fulfill the nutritional need of the aged and is well-suited for a variety of special nutrition areas due to the nutritional values of milk proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and added vitamins.

Product name

Valio Eila® NUTRI F+ lactose free formulated milk powder 20 kg