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Valio Eila SWEET fat free milk powder lactose free

Valio Eila® SWEET lactose free skimmed milk powder (SMP) is an excellent ingredient in achieving enhanced sweetness without increasing carbohydrate levels. In sweet products it also enables sugar reduction without compromise in taste or texture. It is produced by spray drying pasteurised cow’s milk of Finnish origin, from which lactose is enzymatically hydrolysed to glucose and galactose. Valio’s lactose free expertise delivers a lactose free milk powder with high and stable quality and with a sweeter taste without increasing energy level. Lactose level of less than 0.1%.

Valio Eila® SWEET lactose free skimmed milk powder 25kg

Nutritional content

Nutrition (per 100 g)

Energy kJ
1563 kJ
Energy kcal
366 kcal
0.6 g
52.4 g
37 g
< 0.1 g

Ingredients causing allergies and intolerances

Milk and products thereof

Product information


Skimmed milk, lactase.

Country of origin
Country of production
Valio Ltd

Product usage

Valio Eila® SWEET SMP is suitable for manufacturing a large variety of lactose free food, from milk chocolate, dairy beverages, ice cream and bakery to dairy based desserts. It is also ideal for use in variety of nutritional supplements and dietary products such as powders, bars, and drinks. In bakery it also provides possibilities in process - and shelf-life optimization, like shorter baking time, enhanced colour and longer shelf life due to good water binding properties.

Product name

Valio Eila® SWEET lactose free skimmed milk powder 25kg