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High-protein oatmeal sample.

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High-protein oatmeal

Discover the potential of our protein-rich oatmeal mixes, made with Valio Eila® milk powders and milk protein concentrate, Valio Eila® MPC 65.

Besides being a natural source of calcium, these nutritious oatmeal mixes are high in protein, fiber, phosphorus and vitamin B12 while also being low in or free of lactose.

Request a sample today to explore new business opportunities in the growing market for convenient, natural, and protein-rich snacks. Our professional staff are here to help you with dosage, recipes, and more.

High-protein oatmeal sample bag.


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High-protein oatmeal.

High-protein oatmeal mix

High-protein oatmeal mixes made with Valio Eila® milk powders and milk protein concentrate can help you meet the demand for healthier snacks.