Farmer owned

Valio is owned by dairy cooperatives comprising some 4,300 dairy farmers. Farmers are devoted to their work and proud of the clean, high quality milk they produce. Valio pays out all our profits to dairy farmers. This is our way of making sure that we have access to locally produced food whose origin we know.

Milk of the highest quality

Finnish milk is among the cleanest milk in the world thanks to healthy cows. The superior quality of Valio milk is ensured by expert milk producers supported by first-class advisory services.

Valio milk ranks among the cleanest in the world, and we have zero tolerance for antibiotic residue in milk. Finnish cows are already the healthiest in the European Union, which is why, for example, we use antibiotics very little compared to other EU countries. Valio will pay two cents extra per litre to entrepreneurs who have proven themselves committed to responsible dairy production.

Come and meet the owners!

  • The northernmost milk in the EU is produced in the Finnish Lapland above the Arctic Circle. This unique environment with its clean nature is also where the purest of milk comes from.

  • For me this is everything. My life’s work. My purpose in life is to be a farmer. It’s a matter of honor to continue the work of past generations.