Valio Oddlygood® – 100 % plant-based dairy alternatives

Valio Oddlygood® is a growing range of products, currently consisting of snacks and drinks made with Nordic oats, that is designed to meet the consumer needs for plant-based: Consumers want variety but are not willing to sacrifice on taste anymore.

That's why we strive to create the best-tasting plant-based options. Valio Oddlygood® brand has a unique, playful look to it, creating a good stand-out on the shelves and appealing to a wider consumer group of flexitarians.

Benefit from the current food mega trends

Consumers are increasingly choosing plant-based options alongside dairy products, motivated by mega trends of health & wellbeing, care for the environment and more individual diets.

People are looking for alternatives to the more traditional soy products and are not willing to compromise on taste, suitability to everyday use and nutrition.

With 100 years of experience in world-class innovations, we have set the target to meet and exceed these demands, so that our customers can fully utilise the potential of this growing market.

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  • Valio Oddlygood® Oat-based yogurt alternatives Valio Oddlygood®
    Oat-based yogurt alternatives
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    Oat drink
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