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Valio to transfer production of juices and plant-based snack and cooking products to Riihimäki plant – Helsinki and Turku plants to close in upcoming years
Valio’s new biogas-powered milk truck on the road in the Riihimäki and Jyväskylä regions
Suomen Lantakaasu Oy moves forward with the development of two new biogas plants in Ostrobothnia
Valio’s new heat pump system in Seinäjoki factory promotes energy recycling
Valio invests over EUR 60 million in Lapinlahti plant cheese manufacturing
Valio’s leading project, Food 2.0, is progressing – presenting the key personnel and research themes
Valio’s sustainability programme is updating on 1.5.2024: sustainability bonus actions increase emphasis on grazing and dairy farm climate work
New chairman and four new dairy farmer members to Valio’s Supervisory Board
Valio in 2023: Valio defended its position in a challenging operating environment
Valio’s Sustainability Report compiles sustainability work achievements, goals and development targets
Valio planning to transfer production of juices and plant-based snack and cooking products to Riihimäki plant – change negotiations to start at Helsinki and Turku plants
Valio’s change negotiations ended
Valio joins Fairtrade to tackle the challenges of the wild berry industry in Finland
Suomen Lantakaasu Oy to start groundworks for biogas plant in Kiuruvesi
Suomen Lantakaasu Oy acquires Nurmon Bioenergia
Valio is launching an extensive RDI project Food 2.0 with Business Finland’s funding to develop a food system of the future
Valio to start change negotiations
Valio’s factory in Haapavesi transfers to electricity-based heat production with Adven’s electric boiler implementation
Valio invests in Suonenjoki plant – new preprocessing facility will bring flexibility and efficiency to production
The winner of ValioHackathon uses data to solve the reasons behind seasonal variation of milkproduction
Valio launches a new product segment to enable better-tasting protein products
Suomen Lantakaasu Oy advancing biogas plant investments in North Ostrobothnia, Central Ostrobothnia and South Ostrobothnia
Valio commits to reduce the use of plastic by 15% in its single-use, single-serving packaging by 2026
Oddlygood acquires Planti Takes the lead in two dairy alternative categories in Sweden and Finland
New study on seniors shows the benefits of products rich in MFGM and protein
Decision on location of Suomen Lantakaasu Oy biogas plant in Kiuruvesi – the biogas plant is planned on the south side of Pyhäsalmentie road
Ulf Jahnsson to start as Valio’s VP, Primary Production and Milk Procurement, on 1 August 2023
Valio’s sustainability bonus programme was updated on 1.5.2023 – the goal is to increase cattle grazing, biodiversity and climate actions
Three new dairy farmers to Valio’s Supervisory Board
Three new dairy farmers to Valio’s Supervisory Board
Three new dairy farmers to Valio’s Supervisory Board
Valio’s Sustainability Report compiles sustainability work achievements, goals and development targets
Valio in 2022: Good performance in a challenging environment
Valio Launches New Infant-Grade Skimmed Milk Powder for Dry-Blend IMF Production
Valio to invest in eniferBio to scale up production of new PEKILO® mycoprotein for global food and animal nutrition markets
Valio again takes the lead in the Sustainable Brand Index study – Finns perceive Valio as the most sustainable brand in Finland
Ismo Nikkola appointed member of Valio’s Executive Board with responsibility for brand and marketing, as well as sustainability, communications and public affairs
New feed additive can significantly reduce methane emissions generated by ruminants, already at the dairy farm
Valio and VTT researching the use of plasma technology to convert barn air methane into carbon dioxide
Valio packages with caps will change due to the EU Directive
Plans for biogas production plant by Valio and St1’s joint venture Suomen Lantakaasu Oy progressing
Valio Board of Directors in 2023
Valio joins international campaign to make the assessment of nature dependencies mandatory for major, multinational companies
Valio’s biggest-ever energy-efficiency investment in Lapinlahti: recovering heat from the factory chimney
Would you take a bite? Over a million cravings were analyzed by AI to create the future-proofed milk chocolate to please all
Valio phases out the use of natural gas in Riihimäki and reduces the factories’ carbon dioxide emissions
Valio and Adven minimize the use of peat at the Seinäjoki plant
Study: Responsible packaging is assessed by its recyclability Valio’s packaging is gradually switching to renewable materials with better recyclability
Total methane production in milk production reduced by 57 per cent in 60 years – further reductions still possible
Valio to give a new financial incentive to dairy farmers: the goal is to increase cattle grazing, biodiversity and climate actions
Ismo Nikkola appointed Valio’s SVP of Global Brand and Marketing
Two new dairy farmers to Valio’s Supervisory Board
Growth in retail sales and strengthened demand for international industrial products drove Valio’s good result
Valio to sell its Russian operations
Kevin Deegan to lead Valio’s innovation development
Valio and Atria are first in Finland to pilot feed additive made by DSM − methane emissions from cows can be reduced by 30 percent
Valio and Save the Children Finland launch long-term cooperation to help families with children suffering from the war in Ukraine
Valio and St1 joint venture, Suomen Lantakaasu Oy, ready to increase domestic biogas production
Valio will close business operation in Russia
Valio to buy Gold&Green brand, intellectual property, and R&D function from Paulig
New Valio Finnish consumer products start 2022 with delicious ease
Already more than thousand Valio dairy farms have calculated the carbon footprint of their milk production − the calculation provides direction for reducing emissions
New biogas-powered milk truck on the road in Seinäjoki
Valio Board of Directors in 2022
Oddlygood Global to receive significant growth funding for its international plant-based business
Valio researching future food production using cellular agriculture methods
Valio focuses on solutions for health-conscious consumers at FIE/HIE Exhibition 2021 in Frankfurt
Environmentally smart packaging is produced from renewable or recycled materials, and it’s recyclable – an increasing number of Valio’s products are being packaged in board-based solutions
Food and beverage ingredient distributor DKSH is Valio’s new distribution partner for the South-East Asian market
Aiming for a carbon neutral food chain – Valio, Atria, and Natural Resources Institute Finland are creating a national model to calculate the carbon footprint of milk and beef production
Acquisition between Valio and Heinon Tukku is approved
Valio and St1 to produce biogas from manure – a new opening in reducing transport emissions
Valio’s year 2020: China accelerated growth in exports, retail sales growth in Finland offset the impacts of coronavirus
As Farm to Fork Strategy impacts the indulgence sector, Valio’s dairy-based solution helps reduce sugar without artificial sweeteners
Valio to spin-off Valio Oddlygood® business operations – the aim is to accelerate international growth
Valio to acquire Heinon Tukku Oy ─ eating away from home is a long-term megatrend
Valio’s climate targets granted Science Based Targets certification –  Valio’s goal is to reset milk’s carbon footprint to zero by 2035
Valio reduced the plastic content of its product packaging by an amount equivalent to 23 million plastic shopping bags in 2020
Consumers choose Valio as Finland’s most sustainable brand for eighth time: highlights on local production, healthy products, animal welfare and environmental issues
Cleaner mileage on manure – first milk truck fills up with Vuorenmaa dairy farm’s own biogas
A leap forward for regenerative agriculture – collective effort across Finnish food-chain makes online course available to all
All Valio dairy farms are now receiving a sustainability bonus
Valio Akatemia® fellows for 2021 have been chosen
Valio Board of Directors in 2021
Join Valio at digital event Fi Connect 2020: showcases about Healthy ageing, Lactose free opportunities, Milk fat and infant nutrition
Valio’s researchers are the first to document the importance of ash-protein ratio in reduced sugar chocolate
Valio USA focuses on growth in new, innovative food and dairy categories
Autumn brings delicious new Valio products and even less plastic
Univar Solutions appointed European exclusive distributor of Valio Eila® Lactose Free Milk Powders in a multi-country partnership
Valio’s sustainability report 2019 has been published
Filling up with biogas at the Vuorenmaa dairy farm
Valio and Palmer Holland join forces to bring lactose free powders to the United States
Valio’s year 2019: exports up, moderate growth in net sales, and improvement in profitability
Valio is Finland’s most sustainable brand for the 7th time: Finnish origin, animal welfare, and environmental issues important to people
Valio is the first Finnish food company to set climate targets in line with the Paris Agreement
Valio introduces Valio Carbo® Farm calculator – to help lower its farmers’ CO2e emissions by an estimated 30% within 5 years
Wood-based lid for quark containers − Valio and Stora Enso test biocomposite in food packaging
Valio Board of Directors in 2020
Want to grab a vending machine snack that’s healthy and made from the ingredients you choose? Soon you can!
Valio aims at carbon neutral dairy by 2035
Meet the megatrend demands of healthy ageing and sugar reduction – Come and see how Valio’s pioneering dairy ingredients and solutions can improve business
Valio giving up fossil fuels in stages – new boiler facilities and more wind power
Launching new Valio online trading platform for global industrial customers
Plastic recycling accelerates: Valio brings recycled plastic to food packaging
Finnish start-up seeks new solutions for food production in Baltic Sea algae
Valio to introduce milk from free-range cows in Finland
Osuuskunta Maitosuomi co-operative begins operations on 1.9.2019
Finnish dairy innovation helps food manufacturers to cater to the needs of ageing adults
Stora Enso and Valio to trial biocomposite lids on crème fraiche and quark tubs
McDonald’s restaurants in Finland now serve drip coffee with Valio Oddlygood® oat drink as an option
Valio wins the Best sustainability/CSR initiative category in the World Dairy Innovation Awards
An eventful milk market in 2018
Valio and Gasum intend to make energy from farm manure
Valio responds to global food trends with innovative food ingredient solutions supporting healthy ageing
Finns rank Valio as the most sustainable brand for the 6th time
Overnight thrills for ice cream lovers:  The world’s first ice cream hotel room to open in Helsinki, Finland
Valio close to its salt reduction target: almost 7 million kilos of low-salt products with Valio ValSa® milk salt was sold in Finland in 2018
Finland’s first biogas truck started collecting milk
Valio was first to start using fully plant-based cartons – now, all of its milk, sour milk, cream and yoghurt cartons sold in Finland are 100% plant-based
Animal welfare reform proceeds: 96 percent of Valio’s milk is sourced from farms that participate in planned healthcare
Chinese Export Permit issued for Valio Infant Formulas
Merger of dairy co-operatives Osuuskunta ItäMaito and Osuuskunta Maitosuomi confirmed
Valio Akatemia® stipendiates for 2019 chosen: Valio gives 136,000 euros to support sports activities for children and young people
Home for Christmas! Valio invites young adults to ride its Christmas Bus from Helsinki to Rovaniemi
Three Valio innovations chosen amongst world’s best at SIAL Paris food innovation exhibition
Valio responds to global food trends with innovative food ingredients solutions
Move over tofu, Valio MiFU® is the new tasty meat alternative
Valio unveils on-trend food innovations and ingredients solutions at SIAL Paris
Bringing milk to stores with the power of waste – Valio’s first bio-gas distribution truck takes to the road
Wine gets better with age – what about cheese? New trends develop Finnish cheese culture
Climate change requires new actions from agriculture − Valio aims for a carbon-neutral milk chain
Dairy co-operatives Osuuskunta ItäMaito and Osuuskunta Maitosuomi to merge
Eco-friendly nutrient cycling − Valio invites players to join in the manure ecosystem
Valio MiFU® strips bring variety to the plate − international innovation award for the Finnish invention
Valio’s principal scientist Päivi Myllärinen receives significant innovation award from Finnish Parliament
Valio China establishes the new business units of Retail and Food Service
Finns choose Valio as the most sustainable company for the 5th consecutive year
Valio showcases delicious lactose free novelties to the Spanish market at Alimentaria 16-19 April 2018
Valio’s net sales took an upward turn in 2017
Valio showcases latest innovative dairy solutions at Food Ingredients China 2018
Valio butter places ‘Best of Class’ in world championship contest
Valio milk production chain to discontinue use of soy
Valio Hackathon produces solutions for Milk Production Environmental Challenges – Winners capture methane at barn
Valio contributes to United Nations sustainable development goals by committing to salt and sugar reduction
Valio premium butter and cheeses on display at Gulfood 2018 food trade show
Valio to re-enter the ice cream markets
Valio to pay a bonus for responsibly produced milk
Valio introduces Valio Oddlygood™ non-dairy product range made from Finnish oats
Valio Akatemia® stipends awarded for supporting young people’s sports and training
Valio’s hackathon takes up the climate challenge of milk production – Enter the competition now
Valio unveils UK product range