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How to increase profitability in liquid milk business?

How to increase profitability in liquid milk business?
Harri Kallioinen
Harri Kallioinen
Senior Vice President

Harri has a strong background in process technology and product development.

The digestive wellness trend is propelling change in the dairy industry globally, and consumers’ awareness of lactose intolerance is increasing rapidly. This makes lactose free dairy one of the most sought-after solutions to add value to the liquid milk business.

Most of the adult population in the world suffers from some form of lactose intolerance. That creates a huge market of untapped business potential for lactose free milk and dairy products.

Get your share of the rapid growth of the lactose free business

The most significant category among these products is lactose free milk, making up for three quarters of the total retail value. Even as the growth of traditional milk market is at a standstill or even seeing a downward trend, the demand for lactose free milk is only getting stronger.

  • Benefit from a different competitive edge in the milk category.
  • Move away from price competition and add value instead with lactose free milk.

“Boost your milk business with Valio’s lactose free knowhow and go-to-market knowledge.”

Why the lactose free milk market is growing rapidly?

What is Valio FAST TRACK™ technology solution?

What are the challenges for dairies entering the lactose free milk market?

Taste it and believe it – Request for a free sample

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Dennis van der Veer

Dennis van der Veer

Head of Customer Development Dairy, Beverages and Lactose Free Technologies
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