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Carbon footprint calculations

Carbon footprint calculations
Aleksi Astaptsev
Mr Aleksi Astaptsev
Scientist, Carbon-neutral Milk Chain

Aleksi’s job is to calculate milk’s carbon footprint. “More important than individual figures are the actions that slow down climate change.” In his free time, Aleksi enjoys the gym, board games, and Oltermanni cheese.

We have an ambitious goal: to cut milk’s carbon footprint in Finland to zero by 2035. To reach that goal, we must have a detailed view of greenhouse gasses generated throughout our products’ life cycles. That is the only way we can make significant improvements in our own operation on our journey towards carbon-neutral milk.

Carbon footprint calculations are required to verify and guide emission reductions. More important than individual figures are the acts that slow down climate change.

Over 90 percent of dairy’s carbon footprint is generated in primary production. That is why working with the dairy farms is especially important. Finnish cows’ methane emissions per litre of milk have halved in 50 years with improved animal productivity, health, and nutrition. Cows today can produce more milk with the same amount of feed.

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Climate change is the global challenge of our era, with an effect on people as well. Through our own actions, however, we can help to make things better. We are aware of the environmental impacts of our operations, and we want to be part of the solution. Our goal is not just to reduce milk’s carbon footprint, it’s to cut it completely by 2035.