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Flexitarians – the new normal

Flexitarians – the new normal

While vegetarian and vegan lifestyles have been trending for quite a while, there’s an even more significant change in how people are redefining their eating choices.

‘Flexitarian’ is the fun and useful word to describe a semi-vegetarian – anyone choosing to take more care about the kinds of food they eat and in what quantities, with an emphasis on eating less meat and getting more protein from alternative sources. In fact, many if not most of us are now becoming flexitarians, simply by being more flexible in our diets, with the goal of living healthier lives – and enjoying good food even more.

Not all proteins are created equal

When choosing to go ‘meat free’ – whether full time or even just for certain meals through the week – consumers face a wide range of options. Yet a quick survey reveals that not all meatless options offer the same value with regard to taste, protein quality,ease of use and healthiness. What’s a surprise to many is that milk-based protein solutions such as Valio MiFU® products, rank at the very top in all these categories – delivering superior value to alternatives made from soy, eggs, peas, wheat, and even beef or chicken.