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Valio People

Curious innovators also reinvent themselves again and again: Jarna Tanskanen’s path went from researcher to business manager

Jarna Tanskanen

“I didn’t know anything about cheeses,” Jarna Tanskanen chuckles about the start of her Valio career. She initially joined Valio to do microbiological research on emmental cheese. Now, 17 years later, she knows her cheeses and has reinvented herself many times over. Jarna’s work as a researcher has shifted to that of a business manager, and today she is working on new creations with value-added powders.

Jarna Tanskanen

  • Considers herself a people person
  • A Valio Coach, supporting individuals and teams in their work
  • Loves Valio Mustaleima™ emmental cheese and whipped cream (separately)
  • Nourishes her creativity through dance