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Launching new Valio online trading platform for global industrial customers

Launching new Valio online trading platform for global industrial customers

We are happy to announce the launch of Valio online sales platform. It fulfills our customers’ expectations for an easy and fast way to trade. Starting Tuesday, October 1st, first customers will get to purchase Valio ingredients digitally via the Nui platform, the online marketplace for global business.

New technology is changing the way business gets done all over world. Global commodity markets are also changing. Buyers and sellers are looking for new opportunities and faster, more transparent and flexible ways of trading, done efectively 24/7. This online platform offers a quick and easy way for customers to purchase Valio basic ingredients.

We believe in online sales

  • We see the big potential of global commodity trading like tenders, offers, and bids done digitally at speed, one-to-one and cost-effectively. The platform simplifies the sales process between the seller and the buyer in the industrial commodity trading sector. That is something our customers have been asking for and we are happy to serve them with a new solution, explains Ari Ahonen, Sales Director, International Food Solutions Sales.

  • E-commerce is accessible everywhere, which makes it a very easy and fast way to trade. Cost effectiveness also attracts both sellers and buyers to e-commerce. E-commerce management takes less effort, making it far more cost-effective than traditional commerce. From the customers’ point of view, the additional benefits of e-commerce are easy product searches and availability, as well as price transparency, continues Ari Ahonen.

The digital future of B2B sales

The digital transformation of B2B sales is in its early days and there is a lot of untapped potential. Digital sales demands a new mindset from all partners.

  • We are happy to have a company like Valio onboard. Our Nui digital trading platform and online marketplace fits companies that want to be at the forefront for tomorrow’s trading world. It offers companies an integrated, branded platform that provides full control of what is traded, when, and with whom, says Jeppe Joeker, Business Development Manager, Nui.

If you are interested to hear more, please don’t hesitate to contact Valio sales at