The Valio 2021 Sustainability Report has been published

We have published the 2021 Sustainability Report. Responsibility for the environment, the economy, people and society are embedded in everything we do. At Valio, responsibility plays a key role in our work at different stages of food production.

Thank you to our customers and consumers for being part of our sustainability journey and the work towards a world of more sustainable food production. By choosing a Valio product, you will also support some 4,000 Finnish dairy farmers who own Valio. We pay out all our profit to the dairy farmers through these cooperatives.

When a consumer chooses a Valio product, the profit is sure to go to the milk producer. Purchasing Valio’s products also contributes to employment throughout Finland.

Our sustainability work also covers environmental as well as climate aspects. Our goal is to cut the carbon footprint of milk to zero by 2035. In 2021, Valio’s science-based targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions received approval from the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). Valio Finland's emissions have decreased by about 6% from 2019 to 2021.

We did a lot for a more sustainable and responsible business in 2021. Below are some of our sustainability highlights. You can read more about these highlights from our Sustainability Report.

2021 Sustainability Highlights

  • Valio Carbo® farm calculator in use at 1,100 farms: Already about a quarter of Valio dairy farms have calculated the carbon footprint of their milk production. The calculation provides direction for reducing emissions.

  • Cooperation between Valio and St1 started: The aim is to produce renewable biogas as transport fuel using dairy farm manure and agricultural by-products.

  • The number of farms trained in carbon farming already at almost 700: We arrange carbon farming training for dairy farmers to help promote more climate-smart farming and food production.

  • Launch of recycle-ready carton cups for yoghurt: By switching to board-based yoghurt cups, Valio is reducing plastic use by 67 per cent compared to the corresponding plastic cups.

  • Sliced cheese packaging uses 55% recycled plastic: We are reducing the use of virgin, oil-based plastics by switching to recycled plastic for example in sliced cheese packaging.

  • The nutrition commitments were achieved: Valio’s nutrition commitments help with every-day meal planning by offering recipes for different occasions and needs.

  • Naseva received ISO 9001 certification: Centralised Health Care Register for Finnish Cattle Herds, Naseva, received ISO 9001 certification.

  • Our commitment to supporting mental health is recognized: The MIELI Finnish Association for Mental Health recognised our commitment to supporting mental health by designating Valio as a Hyvän mielen työpaikka® (Workplace with a Good Feeling).

You can read about these highlights and more from our Sustainability Report at the link below.