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Valio unveils on-trend food innovations and ingredients solutions at SIAL Paris

Valio unveils on-trend food innovations and ingredients solutions at SIAL Paris

Valio will showcase its latest food innovations and tailor-made ingredients solutions. Three hero products nominated for the SIAL Innovation Selection

The most innovative dairy company in the world, Valio, from Finland, will unveil a raft of pioneering products and food solutions – including Valio MiFU®, a new, milk-based alternative to meat – at SIAL Paris from 21 to 25 October in hall 7F stand 040.

Throughout the show Valio chefs will be on the stand to demonstrate how its versatile products and ingredients can be used to create healthy and delicious food.

Valio is a world leader at identifying upcoming food trends, and creates solutions that manufacturers globally can adapt to local market needs. Valio’s innovative products and food ingredients satisfy demand for high quality, high protein, lactose free dairy.

Timo Pajari, SVP, Food solution sales at Valio Oy, said: “With consumer demand for natural products that promote health and wellness, Valio responds with innovations made of pure Finnish, high-quality milk. Valio is a team of passionate food experts who constantly strive to push forward and create the most pioneering dairy products and solutions that help people eat better and, in turn, feel better.

“Valio products address the latest health trends based on our in-depth market analysis and consumer insights. We also set high standards for our corporate social responsibility requirements, and are proud to have been voted the most sustainable company in Finland five years in a row.”

At SIAL, Valio’s experienced and knowledgeable staff will be on hand to share consumer insights that explain how buyers can capitalise on the food trends that are reshaping the food business.

Valio MiFU® meat free solution

Valio’s new hero dairy innovation, Valio MiFU®, is set to astound show-goers as a new, natural, healthy alternative to meat that is made of nutritious milk protein, which satisfies a distinct gap in the market.

Valio MiFU® is made of the rich, high quality protein naturally occurring in milk, the highest nutritional quality of all natural protein sources, with calcium, vitamin B12 and zinc.

Timo Pajari added: “We identified a gap in the market for real food products that vegetarians and flexitarians could enjoy as alternatives to meat. We are proud to have pioneered Valio MiFU®, a wholesome product that is rich in protein and supports people aiming to reduce their meat intake.”

Three SIAL Innovation Selection Nominations

Three Valio products have been hand-picked by the SIAL Jury for the SIAL Innovation Selection:

  • Valio MiFU® meat-free milk protein strips, free from lactose

  • Valio Eila® lactose free unsalted butter 25 kg (for the food ingredients industry)

  • Valio Oddlygood® oat-based yogurt alternatives

Food ingredients and solutions to support health trends

Valio will also exhibit its food ingredients solutions, which supply some of the world’s biggest producers in 50 markets, including baby food, bakery, confectionary, special nutrition and dairy.

Valio provides expert tailor-made solutions to clients based on their needs, advised by an in-depth understanding of consumer insights and knowledge on the latest food trends, to provide most advanced products on the market. Valio wants people to eat better and feel their best. The company invented lactose free dairy over 20 years ago to offer great tasting, pure dairy to those with trouble digesting milk products.

Valio now offers world-class dairy to fulfil market demand for other health requirements including free from, high protein and low sugar and salt. Responding to the food industry’s increasing demand for personalisation, Valio manufactures milk powders, demineralised whey powders and many advanced blends where customers can specify their requirements and opt to add ingredients. Its expert R&D team is constantly providing innovative food solutions for customers and strives to create the most nutritional dairy in the world.

Valio experts will be on the stand throughout SIAL to give insight into how Valio food ingredients can elevate food manufacturers’ businesses.


Valio has always taken responsibility for sustainable milk production seriously. Valio continually improves the wellbeing of cows and calves, and places absolute importance upon milk quality, food safety, and wellbeing at work.

All products meet consumer demand for pure, safe and quality dairy. The high quality of Valio’s products and ingredients is based on fresh Finnish milk from its own family farmers. The use of genetically modified (GMO*) feed is not permitted in Valio.

World-class companies cannot settle for anything less than first-class standards on sustainability matters and Valio is truly working towards its motto: “Together we can make life better”.