Valio Cream Cheese

Soft cream cheese for baking & cooking

Valio cream cheeses are the trusted choice of savory and sweet baking. Soft cream cheese lovers will use this for baking, cooking or just as they are! Valio cream cheese is distinguished by its velvety texture and perfect aroma.

Valio cream cheese is made from Finnish milk in Finland, and it does not contain any lactose or preservatives. There are three flavors available: natural, garlic and green onion. Cream cheeses are packed in 180g packaging.

Valio Cream Cheese natural

If you enjoy the natural taste of cheese, you will definitely like Valio cream cheese made from Finnish milk. It is ideal for preparing various dishes or cakes, as well as for spreading on bread or biscuits. Cream cheese in natural flavour is a great choice at any time of the day.

Valio Cream Cheese garlic

If you prefer more flavors, try cream cheese flavored with garlic. Cream cheese with garlic will diversify your daily or festive menu. Perfect in savory dishes or in cheese platters. Use as a filling for pizzas, salty pies or toasts. You can even add it to give a nice flavor in soups or make your pasta sauce creamier.

Valio Cream Cheese green onions

Last but not least, cream cheese with green onions. Spread it to your favourite bread, accompany with salmon or add as a filling to a pie. Tastes like a dream. Three amazing flavours with creamy and smooth texture. All these three cheeses are non-lactose, with amazing taste. Which one will you choose?

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