Valio Oltermanni® cheese

Finland's most beloved cheese

Valio Oltermanni® is Finnish familes' favorite cheese since 1980. Real Valio Oltermanni® is a gentle, high quality cream cheese made from pure Finnish milk without additives.

Valio Oltermanni®, the most popular cheese in Finland, is made from milk from local farms at Valio's Haapavesi cheese factory. Originally made in 1980, Valio Oltermanni® was a 75th anniversary gift for Valio dairy farmers. It was so well received that it was decided to start selling it in retail in 1981. In less than 40 years, Valio Oltermanni® cream cheese has become the most popular cheese in the whole family.

Valio Oltermanni® cheese

Valio Oltermanni® is perfect for both morning, midnight and evening snacks, but many of the favorites of family cheeses are also found in cooking. Mild cheeses like Valio Oltermanni® give creamy softness and juiciness to frosting, soups and sauces. Valio Oltermanni® is also a tasty addition to a variety of nutritious salads. The lightly aromatic Valio Oltermanni® cheese on the cheese tray balances the palette of stronger cheeses. Along with its good taste, Valio Oltermanni® - like cheeses in general - is rich in calcium, which strengthens bones and teeth.

Valio Oltermanni® 17% fat cheese

Valio Oltermanni® is Finland's most popular cream cheese, which is especially appealing to families with children. Valio Oltermanni® is a cheese with a mild, slightly sour, creamy and pleasant freshness.

Valio Oltermanni® 17% is a lighter version of the same delicious cream cheese, containing 17% fat. Valio Oltermanni 17% is also ideal for sandwiches, hot breads, frosting, salads and cheese serving.

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