Valio processed cheese

A true classic from Valio

Valio processed cheese, known also as melted cheese, production began at the Valio plant in Finland in 1934. Since 1956 this product has been also an export article for Valio. This means that already three generations of people know the smooth and rich taste of Valio processed cheese.

Valio processed cheese is a constant blonde on the packaging and excellent taste inside. Processed Valio cheese is made only from high-quality natural ingredients using modern technology and a unique recipe. Valio melted cheese lovers can choose cheese in a convenient package and format - in the “bathtubs” or slices.

For more than 80 years Valio has not changed the key ingredients in the recipe for our beloved cheese. It’s made of only superior quality hard and semi-solid cheeses (Edam, Tilsit, Emmental) and premium quality butter produced at the Valio factories. They all use the Finnish milk of the highest quality from Valio’s own farms. Our cheese does not contain any artificial colors. Tasty yet irresistible.

Valio processed cheese smoked reindeer

It is time to try something new from the Northern hemisphere. Our smoked reindeer processed cheese is a Nordic reminder of tasty yet indulgent comfort food. Use it in delicious risottos, pastas or make yourself a sandwich with some fresh tomatoes and herbs. Simple, tasty and utterly appetizing.

Valio processed cheese chanterelles

There are so many new things to try in the world, for example, our tasty and abundant chanterelle Valio processed cheese. It is creamy, full of rich flavors and ideal for pastas, tacos and soups. Traditions are for breaking and life is for living adventurously, feeling the world just as a brisk morning walk in the forest.

Valio processed cheese natural

A true classic from Valio. It is exquisitely creamy and full of hearty flavors. You can use it for cooking or as your ideal go-to base for the perfect sandwich. Top it with tomatoes, pepperoni, cucumber, sweet pepper or anything your heart desires. Natural goodness and great taste, all combined as one tasty product.

Valio cheese slices

Each piece of cheese in slices has an individual portioned package. Thanks to this format, this melted cheese will delight you when preparing homemade sandwiches, sandwiches and even hot dishes, and will also be useful during a snack at work, on a picnic or on a trip.

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