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Fat similarity index: Understanding the benefits of milk fat in infant milk formula.


Fat similarity index: Understanding the benefits of milk fat in infant milk formula.

What are the qualities in cow’s milk that make it a better choice for infant formula producers?

Anu Turpeinen

Anu Turpeinen

Nutrition Research Manager
Anu has a strong academic background, combined with experience in the food industry. She earned her PhD in human nutrition from the University of Helsinki, worked as a researcher for about 10 years and was appointed as an Adjunct Professor in nutrition.

Michael Healy

Michael Healy

Customer Development Manager
Michael works with customers to market innovative applications in infant formula, adult nutrition, meal replacement and sports nutrition. As an experienced business leader, he has worked professionally for 15 years in science-related industries.

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The science behind the fat similarity index

The new article “Similarity Index for the Fat Fraction between Breast Milk and Infant Formulas,” published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, shows that adding cow’s milk makes the lipid composition of infant formulas and breast milk more similar.


The fat similarity index illustrates the benefits of milk fat in infant milk formula

To simplify the comparison between fat sources in infant milk formula products, Valio will use a new way of visualizing the differences.

Phospholipids’ health benefits for infants—new episode available now

Get the scoop from our experts before the competition does. Watch this 10-minute video packed with commercially potent nutritional insights, and you’ll be the first to learn:

  • Why phospholipids promote infants’ healthy development
  • How phospholipids in milk fat make infant formula and breast milk fat composition more alike
  • How Valio can help you succeed in the infant formula market

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Sari Vahla

Sari Vahla

Head of sales Infant nutrition
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