We are farmer owned

Valio is a dairy cooperative owned by Finnish family farms. Farmers are devoted to their work and proud of the clean, high quality milk they produce. Come and meet the owners!

dairy farmers
The Northenmost milk in the European Union is produced in Finland, Lapland, above the Arctic Circle. Watch this amazing video from the Northest Valio dairy farm:

Meet the farmers

For these farmers producing milk is much more than a profession – it’s a passion. Meet the different kind of farmers and their families.
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Sustainable farming

Valio is a farmer-owned company working hard for sustainable values. We want to show that farming and producing milk in the Nordic conditions can be both ecological and sustainable.

Milk of the highest quality

Finnish milk is among the cleanest milk in the world thanks to healthy cows. The superior quality of Valio milk is ensured by expert milk producers supported by first-class advisory services.

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Finland – the greenest country in the world

According to the Environmental Performance Index 2016, Finland is the greenest country in the world. The best-performing areas were health impacts, water and sanitation, and biodiversity and habitat.

Healthy cows produce high-quality milk

A suitable environment and the right kind of feed are equally important to maintain the well-being of milking cows. They also need to be able to live the way that is typical for their species.

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Sustainable farming makes the unique quality chain possible

Our unique quality chain is the key to the high-quality milk Valio produces. It starts at the dairy farm where healthy cows produce high-quality raw milk. All our dairy farms use a quality manual which determines good production practices. Before raw milk leaves the farm, it is thoroughly tested, and then again evaluated every step of the way from the dairy farm to the plant.

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