Add value to your liquid milk business and launch lactose free milk easily

The digestive wellness trend is propelling change in the dairy industry globally, and consumers’ awareness of lactose intolerance is increasing rapidly. This makes lactose free dairy one of the most sought-after solutions to add value to the liquid milk business.

Most of the adult population in the world suffers from some form of lactose intolerance. That creates a huge market of untapped business potential for lactose free milk and dairy products.

Get your share of the rapid growth of the lactose free business

In 2017, the global retail value of lactose free dairy products was six billion euros and this number is set to grow to over 9 billion euros in year 2022 — that’s a growth of 50 percent in just five years.

The most significant category among these products is lactose free milk, making up for three quarters of the total retail value. Even as the growth of traditional milk market is at a standstill or even seeing a downward trend, the demand for lactose free milk is only getting stronger. Introducing added value products to this category opens a significant business potential for dairy companies.

How you can benefit from the Valio FAST TRACK™ technology solution:

  1. Enjoy an easy entry into the lactose free market without significant capital investments. Typically, the removing of lactose from milk requires significant investments. This makes it extremely challenging to start production and enter the value-added milk markets quickly. Valio FAST TRACK™ for Eila™ lactose free milk drinks offer your business an easy and fast entry into the lactose free market without any major investments.
  2. Make lactose free milk that tastes just like regular milk. Traditional lactose free dairy processing often affects the sensory properties of milk. Valio FAST TRACK™ technology solution uses a process that does not compromise on the taste of fresh milk. In fact, during multiple blind tests, sensory panellists were unable to spot the difference between Valio lactose free milk and regular milk.
  3. Valio's extensive knowhow and go-to-market experience at your disposal. Valio FAST TRACK™ technology solution also includes IP and knowhow. For instance, our experts help customers implement the lactose free production process in their own units to ensure cost-effective production. We also support our licences by sharing our go-to-market knowledge and marketing communication experience.

Today, lactose free milk produced by Valio technology is sold in 14 countries across the world. Working with us you will gain over 100 years of experience in dairy innovations instantly, as well as 20 years of experience in creating significant international business in this value-added category by licensing of our technologies to other dairy companies.

  • Launch lactose free milk easily without heavy upfront investment

    Harri Kallioinen, Senior Vice President, Research & Development tells you how it’s done.

On demand webinar: Find out how to get started with lactose free dairy

This webinar's topic is how to launch excellent tasting lactose free milk without immediate capital investment.

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Customer case: Crediton Dairy, UK

"Valio’s lactose free milk technology allowed us to enter the fast growing lactose free milk market quickly and without significant capital investment." Tim Smiddy, Managing Director of Crediton Dairy

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