Lenispharm finds the perfect main ingredient for their new Spin recovery protein shakes – Valio Eila® PRO SMP

Lenispharm is a Croatian company that develops, manufactures, and sells food and dietary supplements for athletes in the Southeast of Europe. In 2021 they decided to launch a new recovery protein shake with a smooth and milky taste that would appeal to an even wider and more discerning fitness audience. Valio Eila® PRO skimmed milk powder (SMP) was a natural choice.

Taste is King – Valio Eila® PRO SMP gives Spin protein shakes a full, milky texture

The new Spin protein shakes get their smooth mouthfeel from Valio Eila® PRO SMP, manufactured from fresh Finnish milk using Valio’s patented technology for an unchanged milk mineral composition and natural taste of milk.

Valio Eila® PRO SMP balances out the distinct flavour of whey protein powder, giving the shake a more natural and balanced taste.

“As a high protein concentration, fat-free powder with low carbohydrate content, Valio Eila® PRO SMP is an excellent ingredient for protein-enriched applications such as the Spin protein shakes. It gives the product milk nutrients, proteins, some good carbohydrates and minerals – and a natural taste of milk,” says Emma Laivisto, Customer Development Manager at Valio. Valio Eila® PRO SMP is also lactose-free, which makes the protein shakes suitable for an even wider audience.

The Spin protein shakes come in seven delicious flavours: vanilla, cocoa, coffee, coconut, peanut, strawberry, and the latest addition: mango. There are two types of packaging: the big 1 kilo bag and a pack of eight individual, single-use bags for more convenience on the go.

Why Valio Eila® PRO SMP? Because taste is king

Sports nutrition companies choose Valio Eila® PRO SMP because of its ability to make high-protein shakes with a smooth texture and silky taste.

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Valio is a consistent and helpful partner in Lenispharm’s growth

Valio’s long history as a lactose free ingredient supplier for drink powder manufacturers is what drew Lenispharm to collaborate.

“We got a recommendation from one of our collaborators. They suggested that Valio’s milk powders could be just the thing we need to give the new Spin protein shakes a milky fullness and smooth texture we’ve never had before,” says Tihomir Kekez, co-founder and head of product development at Lenispharm. However, it’s not only the high-quality products that Lenispharm is satisfied with, but also the partnership between the two companies.

“What we love about working with Valio is that we can trust them to deliver what we’ve agreed, and also exceed our expectations with their product knowledge,” says Hrvoje Silovski, co-founder and head of procurement and production at Lenispharm.

Lenispharm is currently working on expanding the Spin product range with even more protein shakes with different functionalities, including muscle building low carb application and a weight-loss support protein shake with added fiber.

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