High-protein snacks support a healthy lifestyle

Keeping up with consumer trends is one of the most challenging aspects of the food industry. In recent years there has been a growing trend towards convenient, healthy, and nutritional snacks. Valio’s nutritional protein snacks are developed for people with an active, healthy lifestyle.

Valio follows industry trends, and continually evolves and innovates product lines to bring new choices to the market. One of the prominent changes in the snack market has been a trend towards eating healthy foods with, for example, more protein without compromising on taste.

According to Valio’s research, more than 80% of people surveyed think protein is generally healthy. 60% feel that the amount of protein they consume is relevant to their diet. Almost 50% look for protein when buying dairy products. *

The health benefits of high protein foods are starting to appeal to mainstream consumers.

Functional protein products for everyday consumption

Valio has successfully commercialised the booming protein trend and developed the protein rich Valio PROfeel® range of protein snacks to meet the needs of consumers.

Valio PROfeel® is food at its simplest: naturally high in milk protein (18–22 g per serving), convenient, and tasty. Protein-rich snacks are easy to eat and grasp. Information about the high protein content is printed boldly on the packaging, the graphics are bright, and it is simple to identify the key information.

Our milk products contain high-quality milk protein, which includes all nine amino acids essential for the body, making it a “complete” protein. Milk protein is also absorbed easily, why our bodies can utilise it efficiently.

From high-protein quarks to protein-enriched milk shakes

Like all consumers, people who pay attention to their diet and dietary protein levels want variety and quality. So Valio has developed interesting flavours and free-from combinations. Valio PROfeel® range includes quarks, puddings, protein shakes and drinks in individual serving sizes.

There are options like sugar-free and lactose-free lemon-lime quark; passionfruit-flavoured quark with less carbohydrates; chocolate and mint-flavoured long-life UHT protein drinks; and chocolate nougat protein puddings and cocoa milkshakes for indulgence.

The preference for better-for-you choices are growing in all age groups and offers a significant business potential in all dairy categories

Commercialise the protein trend with Valio Food Solutions

The global protein market continues to grow. Protein hits the sweet spot of many consumer trends, which suggests the commercial potential of an expanding base of consumers who are snacking more and seeking out permissible indulgences.

Creating high-protein dairy products with excellent taste and texture can be particularly challenging because protein tends to leave an undesirable aftertaste and grainy texture. Valio can offer solutions to produce high protein products with excellent taste and texture. Utilise Valio’s know-how now.

*) Protein quantitative survey 04/2017. Valio.

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