New business and rapid growth in lactose free dairy

Valio’s new lactose free milks and powders offer customers the opportunity to increase category value with an outstanding dairy innovation and products that deliver patented superior consumer benefits.

State of the market

Lactose free sales are predicted to grow by 75 percent in Europe between 2012 and 2016*. The US market is expected to develop steadily and new markets in Asia and South America have the potential to expand rapidly, especially those where a lack of lactose free product penetration combines with a high incidence of lactose intolerance and a sophisticated consumer marketplace.

Valio’s new international lactose free range

Increasing numbers of consumers are seeking out lactose free dairy, and Valio customers are well placed to profit from the opportunities presented by the addition of a growing international range of lactose free products to our established portfolio.

These include lactose free instant soluble powders for consumers in skimmed, semi skimmed and whole milk varieties, semi-skimmed milk drink, high protein milk drink, Barista milk for coffee aficionados, whipping cream, butter and a spread.

Innovation value added

Valio is a world-class dairy industry pioneer that patents its innovations, generates value added products built on those innovations, and licenses continuously developing technologies worldwide. The secret of Valio’s R&D success lies in understanding consumer needs, listening to what customers and consumers want, and developing products and services accordingly.

Valio launched the world’s first wholly lactose free milk drink in 2001, which tastes exactly like fresh milk with none of the sweetness associated with lactose adjusted products.

Valio now offers the widest selection of healthy, high-quality lactose free products made from premium Finnish milk under the Valio Eila® brand.

Seeking new partners

With more than 100 Valio lactose free products available in the Nordic and European markets, Valio is now inviting partners for Central Europe as well as China where 80% of the population is lactose intolerant and rising awareness of the problem presents significant potential for early entrants.

Valio’s commitment to responsible operations helps satisfy China’s challenging requirements for supply chain security and traceability, product safety, high quality, transparency and trust.

Consumers everywhere value pure natural quality, cleanness and taste. Valio milk is the purest in the EU and proven to be amongst the best in the world. It’s 100% Finnish and 100% traceable to its origin.

The new consumer powders are targeting first the Far East and Asia where lactose intolerance is prevalent yet healthy dairy is an essential part of the local diet, and liquid milk is generally prepared at home from a soluble milk powder.

Offering new benefits

Valio Eila® patented lactose free technology now partly digests the proteins in milk making products ideal for consumers with an even more sensitive stomach. Research indicates that incompletely digested milk proteins in the GI tract may cause unpleasant stomach symptoms.

Valio has made its new consumer powders especially easy to digest so lactose intolerant consumers benefit quickly from the milk nutrients, high protein content and added vitamin D.

These qualities also apply to people who can tolerate lactose better.

Exporting expertise

With more than a century of experience in international markets, Valio is not only Finland’s biggest dairy product exporter with a 97% share but also the country’s biggest food exporter overall, selling products to 55 countries. Our extensive value added range and export know-how combined with strong category management expertise supports customers’ business operations as we continue to seek growth in the global dairy industry.

New opportunities for Valio partners with products, ingredients and technology for lactose free markets

Valio China’s sales are handled directly by Valio's subsidiary in Shanghai. For more information on all territories, please contact us.

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Valio lactose free instant soluble powders for consumers are sealed safely in a bag inside a newly designed cardboard package. Available in 400 g skimmed, semi skimmed and whole milk varieties.

Valio Lactose Free semi-skimmed milk drink tastes exactly like fresh milk with none of the sweetness of lactose adjusted products. A refreshing cold drink, good with coffee or tea, and for cooking and baking.

Valio Barista Milk, developed working with expert baristas, froths well and is soft with small bubble foam making it easy to handle and pour. The ideal choice for hot and cold drinks. Lactose free and fat free.

Valio Protein Milk contains 50% more protein than regular milk along with calcium and vitamin D, all contributing to the maintenance of muscle mass and healthy bones. For before and after exercise.

Valio Lactose Free whipping cream tolerates heating and is suitable for cooking, baking and desserts. It will double in volume when whipped.

*Source: Lactose free dairy; New Nutrition Business 2012

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