Three reasons to reduce sugar in chocolate

People want to enjoy their chocolate with clear conscience. Yet, they are not willing to compromise on taste, texture or mouthfeel. This tough equation means that chocolate manufacturers are looking for natural ways to reduce sugar in milk chocolate without using artificial sweeteners or losing the rich flavour or smooth texture of regular milk chocolate.

For years, sugar has been the number one nutritional baddie for consumers, even more so than fat. The World Health Organization (WHO) has outlined a recommendation for daily sugar intake as high free sugar consumption has been associated with weight problems and tooth decay. Many countries have also introduced sugar taxes raising the price of products high in sugar.

Valio’s patented technology allows for natural sugar reduction in chocolate

Valio has developed a solution for naturally reducing sugar while giving chocolate that great taste and texture. Valio’s solution is based on fewer carbohydrates coming from milk-based ingredients and replacing sugar with protein.

The global consumer trends of naturality, wellness and clean label can be met by the chocolate industry. Valio has worked with clean Finnish milk for more than a century. Valio’s experts know milk powders and the added value they provide in food manufacturing.

Valio has developed a solution for naturally reducing sugar while giving chocolate that great taste and texture.

Why use Valio Eila® PRO to reduce sugar in chocolate?

1. Clean label chocolate – no artificial sweeteners needed

Clean label food is a preferred choice for many consumers, as the trends of naturality and wellness are going strong. This health-aware consumer group does not want to trade off sugar for artificial ingredients and E codes.

With Valio Food Solution, sugar reduction is enabled with pure and natural Finnish milk ingredients. Chocolate manufacturers can create premium products with no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives.

2. ‘30% less sugar’ — possibility for premium pricing

A premium pricing strategy has the advantage of producing higher profit margins and increasing the brand value. The right value proposition for segments that are looking for healthier products gives the possibility for premium pricing.

Without an official health claim, sugar reduction is just nice-to-know for consumers. With the ‘30% less sugar’ claim, consumers know they are buying a better-for-you product. And they are willing to pay a premium for a higher value product. For example, the ‘30% less sugar’ chocolate can cost more than double the price of regular chocolate. The higher raw material cost carries over to the product price, which offers chocolate manufacturers an opportunity for better margin.

To help chocolate manufacturers estimate the cost effects, profit, and end product price when turning regular chocolate into ’30% less sugar’ chocolate, Valio’s experts have created a Valio calculation model. Valio experts are happy to help with recipes and calculations. Contact us for more information about the calculation model.

3. More protein, better taste — no compromise on taste or texture

If sugar is reduced, something must be added to keep the balance. With Valio’s solution, the end product contains almost 20% protein. Milk protein is an all-natural nutrient of high quality.

Protein gives ‘30% less sugar’ chocolate a natural rich taste and smooth, creamy texture, so there will be no sacrifices to the taste or texture!

Get started with sugar reduction

We have several recipes ready to try for clients who wish to begin manufacturing chocolate with a lower sugar content. And if you wish to use own recipes, our experts can help in finding the optimal blend. Contact us to get started.

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