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Whether your objective is to provide high protein, reduce sugar or sodium levels, be Kosher or Halal certified, or meet the latest food trends of gut-friendly food, we have the products, solutions, and expertise to achieve these. Valio Food Solutions help you meet the profitability, business and sustainability objectives of the modern food industry.

Give your brand and products more potential and leverage with us. We are committed to bringing sustainable and healthy nutrition to the world. Our solutions, expertise and innovative products can be used in various applications from baby food to healthy ageing, bakery or confectionery.

Let’s make safe and sustainable business together and succeed!

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  • Baby Food

    We have solutions to help you with balanced infant nutrition products. Efficient and accurate recipe design and calculation to produce optimal composition for your needs.

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  • Bakery

    Consumers demand naturally produced bakery products that taste delicious. The health and wellness trend challenge the bakery industry to reduce sugar and sodium. Valio’s natural ingredients enable all of this while preserving the delicious taste of baked goods.

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  • Confectionery

    Health-conscious consumers demand a combination of indulgence and healthiness also from confectionery and chocolate products. Valio’s patented technology and innovative solutions allow reduced sugar products to be made with superior taste and texture.

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  • Ageing nutrition

    Older adults are foodies with huge potential for special nutrition products. Target for healthy ageing is clear, but there are very diversified needs guiding the food choices.

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  • Sugar Reduction

    With our solution, you can reduce sugar in many different applications, like chocolate, ice cream and confectionary. Make delicious ’30% less sugar’ with excellent taste and texture, but without artificial sweeteners.

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  • Dairy

    Rising demand for products that suit consumers free from or health agenda are the market drivers in dairy. Consumers prefer products with better nutritional values like high protein or reduced sugar. Also lactose free is growing.

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  • Lactose free

    Whether lactose intolerant or just looking for digestive wellness, people all over the world want to eat natural and delicious foods. We have solutions to help you in production of lactose free

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  • Technology

    Besides offering lactose free consumer dairy products and lactose free milk ingredients Valio sells also technology licenses for the production of superior tasting lactose free milk.

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Traceable and pure industrial food ingredients from fresh Finnish milk and whey

The secret raw material behind Valio’s food ingredients is Finnish milk, pure and clean from our own dairy farmers. Our unbroken cold chain incorporating the most modern processing technologies enables us to manufacture and supply industrial food ingredients like milk powders, cheese and butter all year round.


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