Valio Butter for better baked goods

Butter is a perfect and pure ingredient for professional baking. Its high quality is beyond comparison. Butter gives pastry, biscuits and cakes irresistible taste with flakey texture and great taste. Butter is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a wide range of pastries, from croissants to buttery shortbread cookies.

Premium Valio butter – including our lactose-free option – is clearly appreciated worldwide by baking industry professionals who appreciate its plasticity, consistency and superior taste. The key ingredient of Valio butter is always fresh Finnish cream. Valio butter is also a 100-percent natural product with no additives.

Only the best butter is good enough!

”As one of the judges in the television show The Great Bake Off: Finland, I have seen how home bakers appreciate the taste and other qualities of butter. There is a huge consumer segment that is not willing to settle for second-best when buying baked goods.”

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Clean label bakery with pure Nordic butter and dairy ingredients

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Why use butter in baking?

Butter can be used in many different ways. With it, basic dough is easier to shape and when used in biscuits and cake batters it builds a nice spongy or crusty texture. It makes shaping a wheat dough easier by lubricating the gluten network. In coffeecakes and cookies butter guarantees a crispy and fluffy texture. When used with croissants and doughs for puff pastry, it gives the delicacies a flakey texture. When used in a proper way, butter offers plenty of genuine taste and delicious experiences.

ABC of using butter

  • Butter is used in baking due to the good qualities and inimitable taste it gives pastries.
  • Butter lubricates the gluten network in doughs, making it more elastic for easier shaping.
  • Butter gives products their typical texture: flakiness in products that are rolled, crispyness & fluffyness in products that are frothed.
  • The temperature of the butter is important. Butter needs to be tempered to the correct temperature for different types of products.
  • Puff pastry

    The amount of butter used in the puff pastry affects how easy it is to roll, how flaky it is, how well the pastries bake, and their taste and colour.

  • Biscuits

    Valio butter creates delicious taste and great crispiness to biscuits.

Valio butter for better baked goods

One of the most important criteria for our bakery customers is consistent quality: our Finnish climate, pure environment and word-class expertise combine to deliver the best butter in the world throughout the year. It is especially well suited for laminated dough and leafy end products such as puff pastry and croissants, and has a reputation for enhancing the appearance and taste of baked goods the world over.

Using butter in industrial baking allows manufacturers to position their products as high-end and luxurious, appealing to customers who are willing to pay more for superior taste and quality.

Consumers are increasingly searching for products with natural quality, provenance and real values. Valio butter is steeped in history, tradition and heritage, which answer the needs of those looking for an authentic moment of indulgence.

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