How to succeed in the growing wellness market

In this episode of Expert Insights by Valio, we explore how the health and wellness trend is visible in consumers’ demand for products that improve digestive well-being.

Global interest in health and well-being has exploded in recent months. At the same time, the link between food and health continues to evolve.

  1. INTRO: According to measurement and data analytics firms, the global consumer market is in the midst of a shift towards well-being.
  2. CONSUMER INSIGHT: As a part of overall health and well-being, digestive wellness is becoming a key focus.
  3. BUSINESS: The relevance of digestive wellness for consumers worldwide makes it particularly interesting for food & beverage companies.
  4. NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: A large number of the latest new product launches support the digestive wellness trend.
  5. SUCCESS STORIES: Explore how chocolate & confectionery companies can adopt lactose free offerings and respond to consumers’ demand for products that support digestive wellness.
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