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As the world’s most innovative dairy and food company, we at Valio are excited to share our passion, insight, and expertise. Find out more about our innovative R&D and value-adding dairy ingredients.

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Making the smartest – and also most enjoyable – choices when it comes to what we eat is a topic of increasing importance for millions of consumers every year. Keeping pace with this growing interest, and also driving it, are new understandings and innovations emerging from the latest nutritional research. Expert Insights from Valio is a new series of highly-focused discussions between leading food researchers about the latest nutritional insights and the products they are inspiring.

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Watch our experts share their passion for innovation. These keynote speeches reveal how you can benefit from Valio’s solutions.

  • Fresh Finnish thinking

    Innovative, healthy dairy products and ingredients.

  • Traceability. Technology. Innovation.

    Watch what makes Valio the the only Nobel prize winning dairy company.

Solutions & innovations

  • Want to know more about lactose intolerance?

    Our Senior Research Scientist Tuula Tuure (PhD) explains why it would be a healthier option to replace normal dairy with lactose free and low lactose products.

  • Over 70 years of R&D in infant nutrition

    “Milk fat is a treasure chest of bioactive components with many benefits for infants,” Dr. Anu Turpeinen explains.

  • The six food trends

    Check out our Consumer Insight Manager Dr. Kevin Deegan introducing the six food trends to sweep the market.

  • Valio butter for better baked goods

    The goodness of real, natural butter cannot be substituted in professional baking according to Mika Parviainen, Bakery Consultant at Valio Food Solutions.

  • Launch lactose free milk without heavy upfront investment

    Harri Kallioinen, Senior Vice President, Research & Development, gives you a sneak peek to the subject.

  • What is lactose intolerance?

    Dr Matti Harju, the man behind lactose free milk, explains.

  • What makes Valio's sugar reduction solution so interesting and good?

    Hear what Sales Manager Niina Gerritsen has to say.

A dairy cooperative owned by Finnish farmers

  • Pure Valio milk from top of EU

    The northernmost milk in the EU is produced in the Finnish Lapland above the Arctic Circle. This unique environment with its clean nature is also where the purest of milk comes from.

  • Johan Wasström, Dairy Farm Owner

    “It’s really rewarding to see healthy animals and knowing that you’re producing good, clean products for consumers”, Johan Wasström.

  • Eija Huusko, Dairy Farm Owner

    “Why do I like cows? They have their own personalities. They have their good and bad days”, Eija Huusko.

  • Cows enjoying winter at Mustaniemi farm

    At Mustaniemi farm, all cows over 6 months old have free access to an enclosed outdoor space all year around.


Tune in as our experts share the latest trends and most interesting research findings in the food and nutrition industry.

Research proves milk-based protein a great way to reduce sugar in chocolate

Milk-based protein is a gut-friendly* option for reducing sugar in chocolate with no artificial sweeteners. In Valio’s study, the milk mineral and protein ratio proved critical in achieving the best possible consistency in ‘30% less sugar’ chocolate. Valio’s Senior Research Scientist Terhi Aaltonen (PhD) tells us more about these findings and how you can use them in your confectionery business.

*Contains calcium, which contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes as a part of healthy diet

Harness the effects of milk phospholipids in your baby food business

Valio’s Nutrition Research Manager Anu Turpeinen fills you in on the importance of phospholipids in early life and how they can be used in food manufacturing to develop new products and enter new markets.

Cater to the dietary needs of ageing adults with phospholipids and MFGM

Older adults want to age healthily and enjoy good food. Phospholipids play an important role in cognitive ageing. Valio’s Nutrition Research Manager Anu Turpeinen talks about how food manufacturers can use phospholipids to create desirable products for the rapidly ageing population.