What’s new in milk fat and infant nutrition?

MFGM and OPO in milk fat hold great potential for infant nutrition.

In this webinar, our Nutrition Research Manager Dr. Anu Turpeinen shared key findings from recent Valio research.

The baby food industry is demanding for a good reason: balanced nutrition is essential for the normal growth and development of babies from new-borns to toddlers. After watching our webinar, you’ll be able to harness the latest research findings on MFGM and natural OPO for developing optimal food products for infants. Watch the webinar recording to:

  • Hear how scientific research indicates that milk fat containing MFGM, natural OPO and cholesterol has impacts on early life nutrition.
  • Learn how to harness the findings in your product development.
  • Learn about what Valio Baby food solutions can offer for your infant nutrition business.

Dr. Anu Turpeinen works as a Nutrition Research Manager in the R&D department of Valio Ltd. Anu has a strong academic background, combined with experience in the food industry. Her research interests are related to the health effects of lipids, proteins, and various other bioactive components in milk.

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