The roots of our butter making skill go back more than 100 years. Valio was established in 1905 to promote the export of quality butter. Great Britain became Valio’s first export market and later, in 1908 export started to Russia. Today Valio butter is exported to nearly 30 countries.

Valio exports butter especially for use by industrial customers in Europe and Asia; Valio butter is used by bakeries, the processed food industry, ice cream makers, and dairies. Butter made from Finnish, high-quality milk can be tasted in croissants baked by some of the leading bakeries in France, for example.

Valio produces high quality Finnish butter for bakery industry professionals who appreciate its plasticity, consistency and superior taste. One of the most important criteria for our bakery customers is the consistent quality: the northern climate and our world class expertise ends up to the best butter in the world throughout the year.

Our supply chain is traceable from the farm to the customer. Valio Butter is produced from high quality fresh Finnish milk which is among the purest in Europe. Valio's family-owned dairy farms are not permitted to use genetically modified (GMO) feed*.

Valio butter enjoys a long tradition of purity and natural taste, as well as a widespread reputation for quality and freshness. Valio’s unsalted butter won Best of Class at the World Championship Cheese Contest 2018 in Wisconsin, USA, on March 8. There were 30 leading butter brands from around the world participating in the unsalted butter class.

*ref Reg. (EC) No 1829/2003 and No 1830/2003

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