Demineralised whey powders

Valio was one of the world’s first companies to demineralise whey. More than 40 years of experience in demineralisation combined with today’s modern technology guarantee ideal ingredients for the food industry applications. Valio Demi™ products are manufactured from Valio’s own fresh whey – with over 90% of Valio’s whey dry solids being processed for human consumption.

All products are GMO free and the use of genetically modified feed is not permitted in Valio (Regulation EC No 1829/2003 and No 1830/2003). They are also fully traceable to their origin, free of antibiotic residues and subject to Valio’s strict quality controls.

Using Valio Demi™ in infant formula and baby food creates a whey/casein protein ratio similar to that of human breast milk. As well as providing whey protein, with its highly valued amino acid profile, Valio Demi™ in infant formula and baby food gives babies the lactose and minerals they require for healthy development.

With adjustable mineral content, demineralized whey powders are a cost effective and tasty alternative for skimmed milk solids in numerous applications.

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