Valio Mineval™ milk powder

Valio Mineval™ milk powder

Valio Mineval™ milk powder

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Valio Mineval™ milk powder with chromatographically altered mineral composition is made of fresh Finnish milk. Pure Finnish milk combined with the most modern technology ensures these ingredients are of excellent quality. Valio Mineval™ is used in a wide range of dairy and food products, often to replace E-number additives.

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Nutritional contents

Nutrition (per 100 g)

Energy kJ
1500 kJ
Energy kcal
358 kcal
Total fat
0.5 g
52 g
36 g

Ingredients causing allergies and intolerances

  • Milk and products thereof

Product information


Skimmed milk, citric acid.

Country of origin:
Country of production:
Valio Ltd

Product usage

Using Valio Mineval™ results in increased consumer satisfaction through enhanced product texture and stability and permits natural ingredient declaration instead of E-numbered additives. Valio Mineval™ is a natural alternative for additives: its is 100% natural milk powder product. Its mineral composition is altered using chromatographic method. Product enables natural ingredient declaration (as milk powder product, but confirm correct ingredient declaration with local authorities for your markets). Recommended dosage (depending on application) 1-3%.

Value-adding ingredients and solutions for the bakery industry

Consumers demand naturally produced and nutritious bakery products with delicious taste. Meet these needs with Valio’s solutions for industrial and traditional bakeries.

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