Ultrapure milk powder for demanding IMF production needs

Valio launches new infant-grade skimmed milk powder for dry blend production – Valio Prime SMP.

Valio Prime SMP is an exceptional new product built on decades of Valio’s award-winning research and development. With this latest innovation in a category where product launches are rare, Valio offers infant formula manufacturers a more straightforward production process while ensuring the highest microbiological purity.

Skimmed milk powder designed with the strictest dry blending requirements in mind

The dry blending process enables IMF manufacturers of all sizes to streamline their production processes and flexibly customize their product selection to meet market needs. As Valio Prime SMP is especially designed for dry blending, it can help simplify IMF production, and it is easy to incorporate into existing dry blend manufacturing processes.

“There was a clear need for this ultrapure milk powder for IMF production, as dry blending has become more and more common among many IMF manufacturers in the past ten years,” says Customer Development Manager Judith Wang.

Because of the absence of heat treatment after blending, the quality standards are more stringent in dry blending than in wet blending. As a result, the ingredients in dry blending must also meet these high quality requirements, which can only be ensured by implementing the strictest limits for microbiological pureness.

Combining heritage and innovation to create exceptional quality and a varied product portfolio

"We have built Valio Prime SMP on our 70 years of expertise in infant nutrition and 40 years of experience in developing high-quality ingredients for IMF production. Our amazing experts at the Lapinlahti factory should be given full credit for this new product," highlights Product Developer Christina Maksimow.

Valio Prime SMP is manufactured in Valio’s state-of-the-art ultraclean facilities using only fresh Finnish milk that is ranked among the cleanest in the world. This results in a skimmed milk powder that has an exceptional level of microbiological purity.

“It truly is a welcome addition to Valio’s product portfolio. Now our IMF customers can create exactly the kinds of blends they want for their products," says Business Manager Laura Enbom.


  • Ultrapure skimmed milk powder for infant milk formula production
  • Exceptional pureness with the strictest testing and analytics.
  • Specifically designed for dry blending.

“Valio Prime SMP is a real masterpiece in our already comprehensive IMF portfolio. Our customers can rely on Valio’s expertise to provide them with the finest ingredients for their IMF production needs,” says Timo Pajari, Senior Vice President, Business Unit Powders.

Find out the secrets behind the exceptional pureness of Valio Prime SMP

Contact Judith to hear first hand how this new product enables IMF manufacturers to streamline their production with dry blending.

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Valio Prime SMP offers exceptional pureness to dry blending IMF production

Find out the secrets behind Valio’s new, exceptionally pure skimmed milk powder, specially designed for dry blending IMF production – Valio Prime SMP.

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