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High-protein UHT RTD

The future of protein, reimagined: taste test-winning UHT RTD

In the highly competitive field of protein-enriched foods, a common issue is that the flavour and the texture of the end products can be a little bit off. However, for consumers taste is the number one deciding purchase factor.

We created these samples using the lactose free Valio Eila® MPC 65 milk protein concentrate to show that it is possible to create nutritious, high-protein products without compromising on the flavour or mouthfeel.

Valio Eila® MPC 65 adds milk’s natural whey and casein proteins and amino acids into the product. It helps keep the ingredient lists short, as it doesn’t require anything extra to hide its natural, milky flavour. The result is a nutritious high-protein drink or pudding that tastes just like a regular snack.

Please note that samples are intended for food and beverage professionals only and cannot be sent to consumers. As we only supply to businesses, we can only respond to requests from business email addresses. Samples have limited availability so we might not be able to deliver them at all times.


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