We raise our glasses to Lemmy

One rainy night in December

Less than a month before the tragic passing of the legendary artist and frontman of the band Motörhead, Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister, we shot a milk commercial with him at a gas station, during a rainy Helsinki night. Lemmy of course did a fantastic job; he was simply himself – and we were in awe. This was our magical moment with true rock’n roll royalty and we are immensely proud and happy to now share it with the world – as a fitting tribute to the one and only Lemmy.

The commercial itself is a remake of an iconic Finnish commercial made in the late 1990’s for the Dairy Nutrition Council of Finland. In the original, a rather rough looking character steps out from a bar and states that he has never drunk milk, and never will.

After the shoot, Motörhead went on stage in Helsinki and gave yet another unforgettable performance. We of course didn’t know then that it would be the last time Lemmy would ever play in Finland. We were hit hard by the news of his untimely death, but also deeply grateful that we had this unforgettable moment with a true legend.

Lemmy, a million thanks to you.

Innovations in dairy

Valio’s inventive heritage and creative product development has turned the purity of Nordic Nature into a variety of dairy products loved by many. Innovative mind-set can for example be seen in a broad range of lactose free products and functional milks.

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