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Responsible acts are particularly important for Valio

Valio Oy pääkonttori

According to the annual Reputation&Trust survey conducted by T-Media, Valio is one of Finland’s most reputable companies. Every year, the survey lists the most trustworthy and reputable companies in Finland and investigates the factors that steer their national reputation.

Studies have shown reputation to have an effect on attitudes towards a company and its products—whether people want to work there, buy the company’s products and recommend them to others, and whether they trust what the company aims to communicate. The aforementioned are collectively referred to as stakeholder support.

The expectations for Valio are high, and include working for the greater good, integrity and openness, interaction, and excellent products. It is therefore no surprise that the stakeholder support given to Valio is strongly influenced by how responsibly it is perceived to operate.

In the survey, responsibility measures how correctly and responsibly a company is seen to operate in relation to the environment and society.  Other factors influencing a company’s responsibility include its administration, management, products and services, innovativeness, financial performance, interaction and attractiveness as an employer.

According to the 2017 Reputation&Trust survey, Valio’s reputation is good: on a scale of one to five, it improved from 3.59 to 3.65, which is statistically significant. New companies rose into the top ten and some of the highest ranked companies also improved their ranking, due to which Valio fell from its sixth place in 2016 to tenth in 2017. Its stakeholder support remained, in effect, unchanged in comparison to 2016.

In the eyes of the general public, Valio’s strengths include interesting new products and its benefit for milk production and society.

In the future, we will aim to make Valio’s responsible acts increasingly visible, operate in a transparent way and invest in our interaction with various stakeholders.

The top ten of Finland’s Most Reputable Companies in 2017:

1. Kone 2. Supercell 3. Ponsse 4. Fazer 5. Google 6. Finlayson 7. Pekkaniska 8. OP Financial Group 9. S Group 10. Valio.

The detailed reputation survey was performed for 30 companies, selected on the basis of a preliminary survey. For the preliminary survey, around 1,000 Finns were asked to spontaneously name two companies with a good reputation and two companies with a bad reputation; the 30 with the most mentions were chosen for detailed analysis. The survey was conducted in June–August 2017.

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