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Valio to re-enter the ice cream markets

Valio Jäätelöt

Valio is returning to the ice cream markets after more than a decade with the retail roll-out of the new Valio Ice Cream line of products in March 2018. The six flavour combinations in the gourmet ice cream family will be the only Finnish, lactose free product line alternative in the markets. The products will be produced at Valio's Oulu dairy and will be sold later in spring also in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Finns are known to be ice cream lovers who enjoy the cold treat year-round. The good news is that – for the first time in 14 years – ice cream lovers can look forward to again seeing Valio ice cream on store shelves this coming spring.

“Valio’s ice creams continue to hold a soft spot in the hearts of Finns: more than 61% of those surveyed mentioned us as an ice cream brand that spontaneously comes to mind.* We also continuously hear from consumers about their ice cream desires. Now we can finally fulfil them,” says Senior Vice President Jussi Mattsson.

The new Valio Ice Cream will bring a delicious alternative to the super premium category of gourmet ice cream that has grown in recent years. With six different flavour combinations, Valio Ice Cream is the market’s only lactose free line of ice cream that features full-flavoured ice cream combined with generous swirls of sauces and jams and delicious bits of cookies and sweets. The exciting flavour combinations are bursting with beloved Nordic preferences, like blueberry, rye, salty liquorish and coffee. 

“Valio has long history as an ice cream producer, and we know what the Finns like when it comes to ice cream. We want to offer ice cream lovers something new and delicious and that many people can enjoy. That’s why Valio Ice Cream is always lactose free and features unique flavour combinations,” Jussi Mattsson says. 

The taste of Finnish expertise in Valio ice cream

The new line of ice cream will be produced at Valio’s Oulu dairy in northern Finland with milk sourced from Valio’s co-operative dairy farms in the same area. Most of the jams and sauces in the ice creams have been developed and produced at Valio’s own jam factory.

Oulu’s ice cream producers and Valio’s product development have created six exciting flavour combinations: crazy caramel with a hint of salt, fresh strawberry-basil, very Finnish blueberry-rye, juicy carrot cake, smooth macchiato-chocolate, and kick-it-up salty liquorish-chilli.

“The launch will also bring Valio’s ice cream back to the Oulu dairy, where ice cream was last produced in the early 1980s. Making the ice cream has been truly inspiring for us because this ice cream is being produced with a totally new recipe and with new equipment,” says Valio Oulu Plant Director Martti Kimpimäki.

Returning to the Russian ice cream market

In addition to Finland, the ice cream will be sold also in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Ice cream is one of the products not included in the Russian Government’s import ban. From 2014, Valio has exported juices, berry soups and Valio Baby® infant formulas from Finland to Russia. Additionally, in Russia Valio sells Valio branded, locally produced cheeses and fresh products like milks and yoghurts. 

*Source: TNS Gallup’s Valio ice cream survey 2015, N=1800

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