Emissions reductions

Valio works consistently to reduce its emissions. Valio has set 2019 as the base year for its climate programme.

Our goal is to be part of the solution to global challenges: We are aware of our environmental and climate impacts and we are actively reducing them. We have set intermediate targets along the way to a carbon-neutral milk chain. By 2030, the carbon footprint of milk produced by our farms will have been cut in half, emissions from our milk collection logistics will have decreased by close to 30%, and the energy consumed by our factories will have been reduced by nearly half.

Our emissions calculation has been verified, and our operations are assessed by third parties, e.g. CDP.

In 2022, emissions reductions achieved in Valio Finland’s operations, compared to 2019, were as follows:

  1. Scope 1 includes emissions from Valio’s own operations
  2. Scope 2 includes emissions from Valio’s purchased electricity and heat
  3. Scope 3 includes all other indirect emissions from Valio’s value chain

Our most important solutions to zero emissions

  1. Climate-smart grass cultivation
  2. Manure-based biogas and renewable energy
  3. Animal welfare, feeding and breeding solutions
  4. New technologies

Valio has set ambitious climate targets for its operations.

Science Based Targets (SBT) is an independent organisation that assesses the Paris Agreement-aligned climate targets of companies. Valio was the second Finnish food company to set SBT climate targets.

We have set SBTs as mileposts to reach by 2030 on the journey to a carbon-neutral milk chain. Valio’s progress with its SBT climate targets is on track to limit climate warming to 1.5 degrees.


In 2022, Valio achieved excellent scores in the international CDP assessment of climate actions and targets in the categories of programme content and effectiveness, as well as stakeholder work. Valio reports on its climate programme content, progress, management, and stakeholder cooperation to the international CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) system.

The scores are calculated based on the level of detail and comprehensiveness of reporting, and on the organisation’s awareness of climate change, its mitigation and active steps towards change.

"We have one common climate, and that means everyone has to be involved"
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