A cooperative foundation

Valio is owned by 5,100 dairy farms through 15 cooperatives. Our farms are mostly small family farms all across Finland, from Utsjoki to Hanko. Together with our farms, we employ 30,000 people directly and indirectly. We pay out our profits to the dairy farmers.

Valio pays out its profits to dairy farms

Our dairy farms produce roughly 80 % of Finnish milk. We refine all of the milk they produce, and the prices we pay are the same for all of them, regardless of how much milk they produce or where they are located.

Farmer owned co-operative

We take care of our farmers

Working at a dairy farm requires expertise and good physical condition. Valio’s primary production services related to milk quality, animal health and farm development are generally free of charge to our farmers.

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Farmer owned co-operative

Meet our farmers

For these farmers producing milk is much more than a profession – it’s a passion. Meet the different kind of farmers and their families.

Meet the farmers

Life of a dairy farmer

Valio’s sustainability report 2018

Read the whole report and get a deeper understanding of our work on sustainability.

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