Valio Whistle channel

Valio’s internal or external stakeholders can use the Valio Whistle channel to confidentially report Valio-related activities that are not in compliance with Valio’s values, ethical principles or the law.

The Valio Whistle channel can be used to report:

  • An illegal, unethical or irresponsible activity or product associated with Valio or Valio’s personnel
  • An illegal, unethical or irresponsible activity or product associated with Valio’s supply chain
  • Misuse of Valio’s company name, brands, or products

to Valio Whistle channel:

Note! To report a defective product, to offer a product development idea, or if you need further information about Valio as a company, contact our consumer service (in Finnish / Swedish).

Reporting and report processing

The report handling process is based on the requirements of the notification channel and on a stakeholder analysis. The channel is available in all local languages of Valio’s operating countries, and reports of suspected misconduct can also be made anonymously. All reports are taken seriously and processed confidentially. Individuals who submit a report in good faith will not face sanctions or negative repercussions for their report.

If the suspected misconduct concerns the CEO or a member of the Board of Directors, the person processing the report will immediately notify the Chairman of the Board of Directors. If the report concerns the Chairman of the Board, the processor of the report will notify the Chairman of Valio’s Supervisory Board. If the report concerns the CEO of a subsidiary, the CEO of Valio Ltd will be notified.

In cases where Valio has caused or has been complicit in causing a serious human rights violation, Valio’s management will determine how the violation will be remedied/redressed to the affected person/group.

Valio’s Chief Human Resources Officer and General Counsel annually report the number and type of Whistle notifications and investigations to Valio’s Board of Directors and to the Executive Board. The same information is published in Valio’s Sustainability Report.

Sustainability in production

We take care of people, the quality of food products, resource-smart production, and we continuously develop our packaging.

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