Food safety and quality

Our business is built on foundation of safe products. Food safety has been identified as one of the most essential aspects of Valio’s responsibility.

Safe, high-quality products are ensured through meticulous approval procedures and monitoring of raw materials and packaging, traceability, certified food safety and quality control systems and self-monitoring of production, and detailed product information.

Our food safety work is monitored by independent third parties and the authorities. Our production plants and warehouses are approved by authorities and are regularly inspected by them.

Our food safety and quality activities are guided by a separate policy. Our goal is to perform so well that no recalls are needed.

Our policies

Approval and monitoring of raw materials and packaging

The ingredients and materials we use are subject to a strict approval process. Additionally, based on a risk assessment, we carry out laboratory testing of our raw materials before we use them.

Transparent sourcing

Only farms that have an agreement can supply raw milk to Valio, and we know the production conditions of our raw material suppliers. The suppliers and Valio both verify that the milk has no traces of pharmaceuticals.


With good traceability, we know what raw materials and packaging materials have been used for each batch of our own products, and where each product batch we produced has been sent. This information is absolutely essential in recall situations.

Our products’ most important traceability information is the ‘best before’ date, as it can be used to trace information about the raw materials and other materials. The traceability information can also include other product-specific information, like the packaging machine number, the batch number, or the packaging time stamp, which ensure even more detailed traceability when needed.

Certified food safety and quality control systems and self-monitoring

Food safety and quality are ensured at our factories through certified control systems and self-monitoring. We monitor risks and changes related to food safety and quality globally, and we update our control systems based on this information and on the changes taking place in our own operations. Read more about our certifications and laboratory accreditations.

We carefully monitor our production processes and finished products:

  • Our production plants carry out self-monitoring based on the HACCP system to identify and eliminate factors that could jeopardise consumer health and safety.
  • Our self-monitoring covers the entire production process, from the acceptance of raw materials and packaging to the monitoring, storage and transportation of products, premises and process equipment. Our production adheres to strict hygiene practices and hygiene-related instructions.
  • We ensure the food safety and quality of raw milk and products by sampling that exceeds the regulatory requirements. We also sample our other raw materials based on risks. Chemical residue monitoring determines the concentrations of other harmful substances, including antimicrobial residues, heavy metals, pesticides, dioxins, mould toxins and radioactivity. The presence of pathogens in raw materials, products and production is continuously monitored.
  • We closely monitor consumer and customer feedback so that we can take corrective measures if needed.
  • Self-monitoring is regularly verified through internal and external audits. Sampling and analysis results are within the scope of internal and external audits.

Product information on packaging

Accurate product information is important from a food safety perspective, especially for people who have food allergies or food sensitivities. We make sure that allergenic or sensitivity ingredients are listed on our packaging.

The correct storage and related instructions are important for food safety and product quality. Our packaging has instructions on the best way to store the product.