Exports and operations

Where do Valio products come from and where are they exported to?

Valio operates its own plants in Finland and Estonia. In addition to Estonia, Valio has subsidiaries in Sweden, China, and the United States. All of the milk used to make our products in Finland is sourced from Valio’s Finnish owner-entrepreneur farms. In Estonia, we source our milk from our partnered producers, whose quality we monitor continuously.

In Finland, Valio’s milk is collected from the farms of our Finnish owner-entrepreneurs, and if there are any issues, the milk is traceable all the way to the farm. All the products made for sale in Finland and for export out of Finland are made from Finnish milk at our 12 production plants. Valio is the market leader for dairy products and berry soups in Finland.

We export our products to roughly 60 countries. We sell milk and whey powders as well as butter for the food and baby food industries. We also export some consumer products. Valio’s exports account for one fourth of Finland’s food product exports. Nearly 100% of the milk product exports from Finland are Valio’s.

Beloved products and brands

Our tasty, award-winning products are loved by our customers in 60 countries. Valio’s product development is built around listening to the consumer, a delicious taste and good nutritional values.

Unique brands