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Why choose Valio?

Why choose Valio?

Innovation backed by science-based R&D

With over 100 years of innovation, Valio is a recognized pioneer in nutrient-based products and ingredients internationally. Our research has led to exclusive concepts such as Valio Eila® lactose free, Valio PROfeel® protein enriched, and oat-based Valio Oddlygood® products. We help the modern food industry to meet the market demand of natural, healthy and tasty food, as well the business, profitability, and sustainability objectives.

Valio Food Solutions – Capabilities as a supplier

As a trusted supplier of dairy ingredients for the food and beverage industry, Valio offers ready or tailored solutions, recipe and application design and sustainable supply chain. Whether your objective is to provide high protein, reduce sugar or sodium levels, be Kosher or Halal certified, or meet the latest food trends of gut-friendly food, we have the products, solutions, and expertise to achieve these. We deliver what we promise.

Frontrunner in sustainability

Valio has been chosen the most sustainable brand in Finland eighth years in the row. At Valio, we believe sustainability requires concrete action that starts at the dairy farm and ends at the dinner table. As a part of our commitment to the environment, we aim to reduce the climate impact of milk by 2035 by changing how we function. From healthy nutritious innovations to the way we produce milk, each aspect will be executed in line with our goal-oriented sustainability program.

The Valio 2022 Sustainability Report has been published

Responsibility for the environment, the economy, people and society are embedded in everything we do. At Valio, responsibility plays a key role in our work at different stages of food production.

Customer cases

Explore our inspiring customer success stories and real-life business cases, ranging from developing a new concept for seniors with Maeil Dairies in South Korea to creating a lactose free chocolate bar with Brunberg Oy, Finland’s oldest confectionary. At Valio, it is our pleasure to share our expertise from 115 years of dairy innovation with our customers and help their food business thrive.

Carbon-neutral dairy by 2035

We aim to go beyond reducing milk’s carbon footprint. Our goal is to help mitigate climate change and offer food manufacturers sustainably produced ingredients by reaching carbon neutrality by 2035.

Video: Fresh Finnish thinking

We create sustainable wellbeing and help food and beverage manufacturers with our innovative business solutions and ingredients.

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