Milk powders

Pure Finnish milk from Valio’s milk producers is converted into ingredients for food manufacturers globally to produce a huge variety of products for diverse markets.

Valio has extensive expertise in documentation and transportation and all products are safe and fully traceable right back to the farms of origin. Valio holds the ISO 9001:2000 Certificate and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Certificate, while food safety practices are maintained and developed according to the ISO 22000 standard and ISO 22002 technical specifications.


Valio skimmed milk powder

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Valio's owners provide high quality Finnish milk – the raw material that is converted into Valio skimmed milk powder through a spray drying process to produce low heat, medium heat and high heat versions.

Valio SMP is recommended for manufacturing fresh, natural tasting products for bakery, confectionery, dairy, infant food and ready meal applications.

Valio whole milk powder

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Valio whole milk powder provides a full and rich milky flavor for end products making it a widely used ingredient in the food industry. The main applications are in bakery, confectionery and dairy products, as well as ready meals.

Valio sweet butter milk powder

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Valio sweet butter milk powder is a good tasting, powdered dairy ingredient sourced from Valio butter production. It is rich in natural phospholipids from milk fat and provides good emulsification properties.

Valio sweet butter milk powder is commonly used in applications that benefit from its pleasant taste and emulsifying properties, such as bakery, dairy and ice cream products.

Valio Eila® low lactose skimmed milk powder

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Valio Eila® low lactose SMP can be used to replace skimmed milk powder in various low lactose food applications. Valio Eila® low lactose SMP has a natural, fresh taste that is a little sweeter than normal SMP.

Most of the lactose in Valio Eila® low lactose SMP is hydrolysed to glucose and galactose, and the remaining lactose content is under 10% in powder (under 1% in a reconstituted milk drink).

Valio Mineval™ milk powder product

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Valio Mineval™ milk powder product is a milk ingredient with a modified mineral profile produced from fresh and pure skimmed cow's milk of Finnish origin.

Valio Mineval™ improves the stability of milk protein in various applications, such as cream, sour cream, processed cheese and other milk products intended for high heat treatments. Valio Mineval is also suitable to replace other stabilizers (such as pectin and gelatine) to create an improved, more viscous texture in yoghurt and other fermented milk products.

Using Valio Mineval™ results in increased consumer satisfaction true through enhanced end product texture and stability, and permits natural ingredient declaration instead of E-numbered stabilizers.