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Expert insights into bakery industry trends – nutritional awareness, natural ingredients and premium taste

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Valio’s Senior Research Scientist Terhi Aaltonen and Bakery Consultant Mika Parviainen discuss how current trends in the bakery industry are present in their work. Their hands-on approach includes working closely with clients and tailoring solutions to their specific needs.

Embracing the clean label trend – natural ingredients, superior taste

One of the biggest current trends in bakery is the clean label approach. The customer demand for short and simple ingredient lists is often tied to an interest in natural ingredients. According to Bakery Consultant Mika Parviainen, Valio’s specialty powders and butters are an excellent option for bakeries who are looking into developing products or recipes to cater to this need.

Valio’s specialty powders offer good water-binding properties to improve self-life and increase the volume of bakery products. Valio butter’s plasticity guarantees easy rolling and flaky texture, which are needed in baked goods such as croissants and short breads. These technical qualities are achieved without any e-numbers or additives.

“When developing recipes with our powders and butters, we not only maintain great taste but make it even better”, Parviainen adds.

Mika Parviainen.
Mika Parviainen
Terhi Aaltonen
Terhi Aaltonen

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