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Nutritional ingredients for sports nutrition manufacturers

Nutritional ingredients for sports nutrition manufacturers

With Valio dairy-based nutritional ingredients, sports nutrition manufacturers can produce products that support maximum exercise performance and recovery. You can easily increase the protein level of your products with Valio Eila® lactose free milk powders.

Boost sports nutrition products for maximum strength and energy

Milk has the ideal protein composition to maintain the muscle mass in an active human body. Milk minerals and salts support muscle activity during exercise.

Our solutions team can help you find the right high-quality milk proteins and correct dosages and processes to produce sports nutrition with the optimal nutritional values.

Below are some of the benefits and features of milk-based ingredients.

High-quality milk proteins stimulate muscle growth and enhance recovery from exercise:

  • Casein helps to maintain a steady supply of amino acids for muscles
  • Whey protein efficiently stimulates muscle protein synthesis after exercise
  • Protein/carbohydrate (1:2) ratio supports recovery after exercise
  • Protein contributes to growth and maintenance of muscle mass

Minerals and salts support muscles during exercise:

  • Calcium and potassium contribute to normal muscle function
  • Calcium contributes to neurotransmission

Benefits of Valio Eila® PRO lactose free powders

  • Easy to increase protein level
  • Good tasting, high quality milk proteins and controlled carbohydrate levels

Business opportunities for sports nutrition manufacturers

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