Sport nutrition

Meet the needs of active adults with our protein enriched solutions for the wellness market.

Conscious consumers

Health and wellness are growing industry trends. Maintaining a fit and active lifestyle are now everyday goals, where consumers invest in quality nutrition, and demand sustainable and clean label options.

Forerunner in nutritional innovations

Dairy ingredients are an excellent source of nutrition as they feature benefits such as high-quality protein - complete with all nine amino acids essential for the human body - as well as minerals and vitamins that are complementary for active and health-conscious lifestyles. Our digestive system absorbs milk protein effectively, making dairy an easily accessible supply of nutrients.

As a market leader in sports nutrition in Finland, Valio pioneers protein enriched dairy ingredients that meet the highest quality and nutrition standards, ideal for active adults. Our Valio PROfeel® product range is developed using fresh whey protein - through our unique patented production method - resulting in a great-tasting product that contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass as part of a healthy lifestyle.

GMO & Antibiotic free

Our ingredients are fully traceable to their origin, free of antibiotic residues and subject to strict quality controls. We use only GMO-free feed for cows and our products do not contain or are produced from GMOs (EC Regulation 1829/2003 and 1830/2003). Our aim is to become a carbon neutral dairy by 2035.

Customer cases
Lenispharm finds the perfect main ingredient for their new Spin recovery protein shakes – Valio Eila® PRO SMP
Valio PROfeel® protein pudding chosen as the “best protein product” in Spain by Men’s Health España
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Valio solutions for sport nutrition applications

Enhanced drink powder products with Valio lactose free ingredients

Valio Eila® lactose free ingredients are enriched with a range of nutrient fortified options for active lifestyles. In addition to enriching your product with protein, our ingredients are lactose free providing suitable solutions for people looking for digestive wellness or a nutritional boost.

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Develop your own protein-rich dairy beverage

Making high-protein dairy drinks is difficult because protein can add an off-flavour and grainy texture. Valio Eila® milk powders can be used to make high-protein dairy drinks with excellent taste and texture.

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Protein rich and free-from ingredients for premium nutritional supplements

Our milk powders contain nutrient-rich milk protein and minerals. Featuring Valio Eila® lactose free milk powder, these features make our ingredients an ideal choice in manufacturing a variety of nutritional supplement applications for sports, weight management and aging.

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Valio’s ingredients for sports nutrition

Valio’s ingredients are the perfect choice for sports nutrition products and nutritional supplements. Our R&D experts help many dairies and food manufacturers around the world with their recipes and processes. They establish the correct dosages and processes to produce sports nutrition products with optimal nutritional values.

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