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Sports nutrition is no longer a market of niche products for body builders and athletes. Regular consumers are also finding the benefits of high-quality protein and balanced nutritional intake in their active lifestyle, including the maintenance of muscle mass, and healthy weight management.

At the same time, consumers are increasingly knowledgeable about food additives, and demand natural and GMO-free choices in nutritional supplements. Valio’s traceable milk protein and whey protein ingredients, our expertise, recipes and processes help improve the profitability of your sports nutrition products and nutritional supplements in the market. We happy to help you find the right high-quality milk proteins and correct dosages and processes to produce sports nutrition with the optimal nutritional values.

Let’s exercise with high quality sports nutrition together!

Sports nutrition solutions for food and beverage industry

Protein hits these three sweet spots of current global food trends

Protein is known as providing a multitude of dietary benefits, with the demand for new, innovative, protein-based products growing steadily, year by year. To be able to meet and exceed the needs of our customers, now and in the future, it’s worth looking at the global food trends that are shaping behavioural changes on a daily basis.

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Natural industrial ingredients for food and nutrition industry

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