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Valio’s key sustainability themes

Valio’s key sustainability themes

Sustainable milk production and responsible business are now being made even more visible in Valio. For the first time, they have become part of the competitive advantages that are specified in the company strategy.

However, responsible operations are nothing new for Valio. We have long been improving the wellbeing of cows and calves, milk quality, food safety, and wellbeing at work, as well as continually working on health-promoting products and efficient use of resources.

Acting responsibly has been integral to our business for decades, but has not been actively emphasised. Sustainability has now become more prominent for Valio, because the world around us has changed.

Customers, consumers and society are becoming increasingly mindful of the fact that it is not enough for businesses to only operate within the bounds of the law. What is also of the utmost importance is that a company’s activities be ethically responsible. Quite rightly, our stakeholders are very clearly expecting increasingly ethically responsible actions, and that these actions are more visible than before. With that in mind, we at Valio have set out five main themes for sustainability, along with their goals. They are:

  1. A co-operative owned by farmers
  2. Animal welfare
  3. Sustainable milk production and circular economy
  4. Transparent procurement
  5. Innovations to promote health and wellbeing

And at the moment, Valio has a record number of projects aimed at meeting these thematic goals. Projects have been launched in cooperatives, and in production, logistics and procurement. Significant efforts to promote sustainability are also being made in the product groups and in R&D. More information on these projects can be found at

We believe that traceability, food safety, in-house control, and human rights considerations must be well taken care of by Valio. In other words, these fundamental concerns have not been singled out as our main themes. The main themes are areas in which we need to do even better.

World-class companies cannot settle for anything less than first-class standards on sustainability matters. At Valio, we are truly working towards “Together we can make life better”.

“Together we can make life better”