Coronavirus prevention

On this site we provide details on Valio’s preparedness for the coronavirus (COVID-19) and on our operations in exceptional situations.

Page has been updated  12th October 2020.

How is Valio preparing for a possible wider epidemic?

During the past months we have prepared for operating in the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus. We are continuously monitoring developments in the situation, and we will deploy any needed measures quickly. Valio has a core team leading the assessment of the situation.

We work in co-operation with authorities and are carefully monitoring the instructions issued by authorities in all of Valio’s countries. We keep our employees up to date on changes in the situation.

Will the coronavirus have an impact on deliveries of Valio products?

So far, the situation has not had a significant impact on deliveries. If the situation changes, we will contact our customers immediately.

In terms of a possible wider epidemic, we have a dynamic plan to ensure operations in exceptional situations. Aspects related to food safety have been taken into consideration in the risk assessment.

In Finland, Valio has 12 production facilities, three distribution warehouses, and a main warehouse for consumer products. Products for industrial customers are delivered directly from the production facilities. Production and distribution is thus spread across several locations, which facilitates operations in exceptional situations.

How are we preventing Valio employees from being infected with the COVID 19 virus?

The wellbeing of our personnel is at the foundation of all our actions. We have limited travel and gatherings of employees internally as well as meetings with external stakeholders. Right now, we are also following these procedures:

  1. We do not come to work if we are experiencing even mild cold or respiratory symptoms.
  2. We work remotely in jobs where it is possible and we hold meetings virtually as a rule.
  3. We do not shake hands with anyone.
  4. We wash and disinfect our hands frequently throughout the day – and always when starting work, when moving from one department to another or to a different hygiene area. This is our normal practice, even without the virus pandemic. We also practice the correct coughing hygiene.
  5. We practice social distancing of at least 2 meters between other people in all our activities, whenever possible. If social distancing is not possible and working in a close proximity is necessary for more than 15 minutes, we assess the infection risk of the area and, if the situation so requires, we protect ourselves with, e.g. masks that cover the mouth and nose to prevent infections.
  6. We have made various arrangements at our premises to reduce close contact and infections; meeting rooms have been converted to spaces for breaks and meals, and control rooms have been sectioned off with plexiglass.
  7. We have staggered the use of employee cafeterias and have rearranged the seating. Additionally, the food we serve in some of the cafeterias is in ready portions.
  8. We also disinfect high-touch surfaces frequently every day.
  9. We have minimised the movement of non-Valio people at our premises as well as the meeting with them. Additionally, we have instructed our employees on the correct practices when for example visiting a customer.
  10. If someone does become ill, we assess the exposure to our personnel and partners.

Our way of operating is based on anticipate, test, trace, isolate and support. The model is presented in detail in this image.

Worksite visits by guests and external partners

We are preventing the spread of the coronavirus in every possible way. Therefore, we are limiting visits to Valio’s worksites only to those visitors who are critical for operations and requiring an onsite presence. These include maintenance visits and delivery truck loading and unloading, for example. All other visits by outsiders will be postponed to a later date unless the meeting can be handled remotely. If you are a driver or Valio’s partner, and visiting our premises, you must fill in the requirements that help to prevent the virus.

See our requirements.

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