How to create business with healthy aging?

Older adults want to stay active and energetic, maintain their brain functions and enjoy the taste of food. In fact, their quality of life may depend on it. As a result, aging adults are willing to invest in food products that support their health. A great opportunity for the food and beverage industry!

At a global scale, it is estimated that by 2050, there will be two billion people over 60 years old. As our most senior generations expand in numbers, they are living longer and more active lives. They are increasing the demand for healthier products which include more protein and vitamins, as well as functional foods designed to meet the specific needs of the body as it ages.

Finnish dairy innovation helps food manufacturers cater to the needs of aging adults

As good nutrition has a scientifically proven link to healthy aging, the expanding elderly population and their wellbeing provides great potential for the food industry. With the right innovations supporting adults with nutrition, the food industry can make their products desirable for mid to late life consumers, just as the beauty and personal care industry has done previously.

Seniors and their families want to invest in their health and happy later life. With Valio’s pure Nordic dairy ingredients and innovations, food manufacturers can add the benefits of phospholipids supporting cognitive health to create desirable functional food products made for the healthy aging market.

The expanding elderly population and their wellbeing provides great potential for the food industry.

“Out of all industries, I believe that the food and nutrition industries have perhaps the most significant means to ensure healthy aging. As consumers, older adults could be described as foodies with emphasis on healthiness. We make about 200 food related choices every day, so there is plenty of opportunity to nudge older adults towards better food choices”, says Dr Anu Turpeinen, Nutrition Research Manager, Research and Innovations at Valio.

Full taste and texture to make food pleasant for older adults

Decline in sensory abilities often makes it difficult for aging adults to sense the taste of food. That is why the taste and texture require special emphasis when developing food products for older adults. Valio Eila™ Nutri F+ powder gives products a pleasant rich taste and full texture. This helps our customers to make their products desirable for the aging foodies.

Valio Eila™ Nutri F + is the only lactose free ingredient that is also high in milk protein, contains phospholipids, vitamins, and minerals required to fulfil the key nutritional needs of older adults and to maintain muscle mass and bones, as well as contribute to normal brain health.

We have successfully tested Valio Eila™ Nutri F + in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Drink powders
  • Nutritional supplement drinks
  • Dairy RTD formats
  • Nutritious food
  • Dietary products

The Valio Food Solutions team is ready to help you with product development! We have a Nobel prize winning innovation and we know milk: our R&D team of 100 experts including our nutrition experts are ready to help you in very different cases. We can help in product development, with optimizing processes, and of course with any nutritional features that our customers want to improve in their products.

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