Protein helps maintain muscle mass when aging

We know that food plays a crucial role in healthy aging. There is a scientifically proven link between nutrition and healthy aging. Older adults have diversified nutritional needs depending on whether they are healthy and active, recovering from an illness or in need of assistance in their daily lives:

  1. Appetite and energy need often decrease. This could be the result of a more sedentary lifestyle, loss of muscle mass, illness or decline in sensory abilities. Therefore, it is important that food also tastes good.
  2. Muscle mass and strength start to diminish significantly after 50 years of age, and serious muscle loss called sarcopenia affects 30% of people over 60, and 50% of people over 80. This has a great impact on maintaining activity and independence – and thus, quality of life.
  3. The need for nutrients does not decrease. In fact, it might increase. Deficiencies in nutrition may lead to accelerated aging such as weak muscles and bones as well as memory problems.

Elderly people are not getting enough protein from their diets

The diet of elderly people must be varied to support their well-being and functionality. In addition to the sufficient intake of energy, it is important to ensure that they get enough protein. Protein contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass and bones.

An elderly person should consume about 25-30g of protein at every meal. Milk protein is a high-quality source, containing all the essential amino acids for the human body. The daily recommended protein intake for persons over 65 years is 0.8-1.4 g/kg/day (depending on local dietary guidelines).

Protein is particularly needed to contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. A current study from The Boston Nutritional Status Survey on nutrition in the elderly states that 50% of elderly people consume less than the recommended daily amount of protein. This results in loss of muscle strength and functionality. Aging bodies are also more inefficient at using protein.

As a result, many are on the lookout for new, innovative products that fulfill the naturally occurring nutritional needs of an aging body.

Valio has the ingredients for healthy and tasty products for aging adults

You can improve the composition of your products with high-quality dairy proteins and other nutrients essential for maintaining strength and activity. The protein in milk is of a high quality and has excellent nutritional value.

Valio has developed a range of value-added powders to help food manufacturers respond to the growing demand of aging adults. Valio Eila™ NUTRI F+ lactose free formulated milk protein powder fulfils the key needs of older adults and provides you with huge potential for product development.

In addition to high-quality protein, Valio Eila™ NUTRI F+ lactose free formulated milk protein powder contains phospholipids from milk fat MFGM, as well as key vitamins and minerals to support normal cognitive and psychological functions. It also features a full taste and texture, helping you formulate better products.

Valio Eila™ NUTRI F+ works in several applications, such as dried milk powders, special nutritional supplement drinks, dairy RTD formats, as well as nutritious food and dietary products.

Valio is here to help you with product development

The Valio Food Solutions team is ready to help you with product development! We have a Nobel prize winning innovation and we know milk: our R&D team of 100 experts, including our nutrition experts, are ready to help you in very different cases. We can help in product development, with optimizing processes, and of course with any nutritional features that our customers want to improve in their products.

We offer our industry-proven and market-tested solutions for a wide range of applications for the aging population, such as in dairy, beverages, confectionery, and ready meals.

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